Last weekend I went boating with my dad and brother. This year my dad keeps one of his boats at River Porvoonjoki , which is wonderful because I've wanted to go boating at the sea for ages - I do like lakes, but there is something special about the sea. We went to an island called Onas. It was a spectacular place, so beautiful.


Red & White

Red and white is one of my favourite colour combinations. I haven't been wearing bows lately, because I sometimes feel that they make me appear too young, but I think the bow looks quite nice with a bun.

Both the jumper and skirt are second hand finds.

And so is the Minna Parikka swan bag, which is often my go-to bag. It's whimsical enough to add a finishing touch to any outfit.


The Party Dress

I was invited to a summer-themed birthday/farewell party. This Ivana Helsinki dress felt summery enough, and I hadn't worn it in ages. It looks quite nice!

 The bow was made by me a couple of years ago!


My Vintage Furniture "Collection"

We finally have a TV-stand! Well, it's not a modern TV-stand from IKEA, but this little old dresser (or is it a (chest of) drawer(s), I wasn't really able to understand the English terms. :D) Anyway, I don't like the modern TV-stands, because they are so big and chunky, and you can't vacuum under them!


I don't mind the scratches that much, but I think I might varnish the dresser some day.

The converter box is hidden! Not that we need it much, only if I want to record a show.

I also have an amazing antique bureau. Okay, well I'm not an expert and I'm not sure whether I should use the word antique or vintage, but you know, old furniture in any case!


And the rocking chair. :)


I really enjoy buying my furniture vintage, because some of those IKEA pieces don't really have a soul. Although I wouldn't mind owning the Ekenäset chair. It's lovely!

I originally hung these pom poms for our house warming party, but I quite like them, I have no reason to take them down!


Here I Go Again

It probably doesn't surprise anybody if I tell that I'm going to Paris. In May! I just want to spend all my time planning the trip... I should probably broaden my horizons and go somewhere else, but I happen to like Paris! This time, though, we're planning a day trip to Lille, perhaps. I'd really like to go to the south, but it is hors budget.

When I visited Paris a year ago, it rained almost all the time, which was a big disappointment. I really hope the weather is better this time around! These photos were taken about five or four years ago, when I lived in France. Gosh, time really does fly. It sort of feels like yesterday, but sort of like a distant dream...


The Finished Skirt With a 50s Floral Top

I have finished the skirt! Well, these photos don't do the skirt justice: I hate taking outfit photos inside on a grey day. Also, I should have a bigger petticoat! The floral crop top is late 50s/early 60s. I really love it, although the buttons keep detaching themselves... Oh, and the shoes! These are from Minna Parikka's earlier collections, from 2008 or something. Bought them second hand. :)


The Dream Skirt: Circle, Gathered, Pleated?

When I first fell in love with vintage, and especially the 50s and the 60s, I would browse a lot of photos and illustrations for inspiration. I loved those big skirts - but I never understood that what I wanted wasn't a circle skirt, but a gathered skirt! I only realised it quite recently, maybe a year ago, even though I started learning to sew back in 2009 (when I started this blog...)

Click the photo for source!


McCall's Pattern Fashions - Summer 1960.  Love how the collar appears to be part of the bolero jacket, but is actually attached to the dress.

Now that I am enlightened, I decided to attempt making this kind of skirt. I think I'll go attach the waistband now!


Phew, it's been a while. After my last post, my camera totally broke down. I ordered myself a new one, but I'm not sure whether my lenses are too old, because I haven't been totally satisfied with the pictures. That's one reason for not blogging. The other reason is that I'm quite tired because of all the studying. I also have a job nowadays. I'd like to blog, though, but I suck at blogging regularly!

Here's my diligent school-girl outfit from some time ago.

In case someone reads this, I'd like to ask how you've been? :)