"To be frank, I think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it - but, I will say: he certainly sustained the illusion with a marvelous grace!"

Sometimes it's okay to go to the cinema instead of studying. The Grand Budapest Hotel was totally worth "wasting" my time when I was actually supposed to be studying postcolonial literature! I fell in love with the fascinating world of the film and smiled throughout the whole film. So much eye candy. And the soundtrack fits the film perfectly.

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Consumerism and the Consequences

I do not want to categorise my blog as a style blog, but as I often write about my outfits and style in general, I think it is crucial that I highlight a few issues that are constantly on my mind. 

Throughout the years, I have become more and more critical of the modern consumer society and the fashion industry. Even if I like to express myself through clothes, I have never cared about fashion per se. I couldn't care less about the current trends, or buy something just because it is fashionable at the moment. Style is what I'm interested in. It is not dependent on what is in or out, it is timeless and can be achieved with, hell, 50-year-old clothes. Well, this is not the actual point of this post, but I needed to say it anyhow, because what I least want is that this blog is seen as a "fashion blog", and I do not want to encourage anyone to consume...

I find it disgusting that people in many, many countries are practically enslaved to keep the Western consumers happy. How many accidents do we (or they, I do not want to belong to that group) need to understand the situation? Who can honestly say that they do not see anything wrong with this? What do you get from wearing clothes that have been made under these horrid conditions? It is often said that this cannot be solved by refusing to buy for example H&M clothes, because how would the workers in countries like Bangladesh survive if they didn't get the little money they get now. But I do not want to give my money to these greedy companies that refuse to respect these people. As a consequence, I buy most of my clothes from flea markets or make them myself, and favour brands that have their products made in Finland or in the EU. 

Furthermore, when buying other products, ethicality is important to me. For instance, I have been trying to find out whether ethical (smart) phones exist, because I will soon need to buy a new one as the old one is dying, and I have found one: Fairphone. It's a start, but not much. There was this interview in which the CEO of Jolla, a new Finnish mobile device company, stated that he believes that people are more interested in the features of the phone and in its applications than in the ethicality of the product. I find it really sad that yes, probably most people do not even think of the manufacturing process of these cool gadgets. But it is also risky to give a statement like that, as there are people who do not really care about the apps! I just want to buy a working phone made in ethical circumstances. 

In addition to ethical problems, ecological issues are to be considered. I keep wondering about the mass-production a lot. Why are all these clothes made, if landfills are being filled with clothes that haven't been sold? Why do people need to buy new clothes every week, month or even year? It cannot be denied that this excessive consuming and manufacturing has taken and will take its toll on the environment.

I wish there was something concrete that I could do to make this situation better. I feel very powerless about this, but at least I've now had my word. I could go on about this forever, and maybe I could have articulated some things better and think about the structure of the text more. But this is all I can come up with now, and I feel like publishing it now.

I really hope to hear your thoughts on this!

I recommend this documentary to all of you who understand Finnish:

Edit on 16th of April: Take a look at these, too! http://fashionrevolution.org/ or in Finnish https://www.facebook.com/vaatevallankumous


This is Me

Hello! Life's been busy. I have completely failed to keep up with the hairdo challenge schedule, but I can't help it yet! Here are, however, a few outfit photos.

This vintage jacket is from a thrift shop in Paris. I really love the tailored fit, but I haven't worn the jacket very often because it doesn't really match with any of my skirts or dresses. It definitely does deserve to be worn more often!


Apparently, these sunglasses make me look like a diva. :--D

"Waddup, bitches??"


Here's again a song of my brother's, which I'm even more stoked about because this is not a cover song! It's just such a perfect song and I'm so proud! :D

P.S. I'm on Lookbook!


Liebster award (for the umpteenth time! :D)

So, I have received the Liebster award! I've probably done it a few times already, but as I love answering to these types of questions, here we go again. Thanks, Lucy! All the photos are totally random and irrelevant to the topic.

1. What is your favourite colour?
I think I would need to say red, but I can't really choose, because I also love mint green and many other colours! Yellow, for example.

Elina on a fine summer morning.

2. What fashion trend do you love the most?
Actually, I don't even know what the trends are at the moment! Umm... Well, I don't know how in or out peplum tops are, but I think they are very pretty. 

3. Describe your perfect day?
I would wake up to a sunny summer day, at the countryside/at the sea/at my childhood home. My family or some friends would be there, and we'd just enjoy each others' company, go swimming and stuff. 


4. What is your favourite shoe type?
I have just recently realised how comfortable flat shoes are compared to high heels! 

5. If you could make one fashion trend disappear, what would it be?
I'm still not too aware of the current trends... Oh, now I know! I'm not the biggest fan of the half bun hairstyle - I think it only suits few people.

6. What is your favourite season?
There something very special about spring. The smell of spring is heavenly, and I adore the evenings that are getting brighter and brighter. It's a season full of hope! 


7. What is your biggest dream?
Ultimately, just to be happy. Also, I would love to live abroad again for some time. 


8. What is one of your favourite fashion blogs?
Daydreams, Dresses and Desserts is one of my favourites. 

9. What is your all time favourite movie?
I'm very bad at choosing all time favourites. Into the Wild, or the Intouchables, or Brokeback Mountain, or Bringing Up Baby, or Fanny & Alexander... Yeah. 


10. Who is your favourite actress?
Kate Winslet or Audrey Tautou. 

11. What is your favourite food? 
Haha, when it comes to food it's even more difficult to choose favourites, but I'll only state three this time: lasagne, Mimolette cheese and avocados. 

I'm terribly sorry but I'm too lazy to nominate anyone, because I really don't know who to nominate, and coming up with new questions would take forever! But if you wanna do this just answer the same questions or something.

Good night!


Before Sunset

Phew, what a day! 11 hours at uni - check. I'm really happy that I can stay at home tomorrow!

Last Saturday my mum celebrated her 50th birthday. It wasn't a big party (there were 8 of us), but I still wanted to wear something nice. The sun was about to set when we took the photos, so the light was very beautiful.

Just look at all the lovely colours and lights!

Before dressing up we played "curling". It was quite hilarious. :D

Silly dogs trying to interrupt the game!!


As a big sister it's my honour and duty to share my brother's latest music project. :)

Granite State - White Light (The Ghost Inside cover)


Mint and Red

Red and mint is one of my favourite colour combinations, and that's what I wore today. It seems that wearing nice clothes and a different hairdo than a bun is not a possible combination - I only have time for choosing the clothes OR doing my hair in the morning!

First a picture of the lovely jacket, though.



Oh, what a pose! Haha. Almost five years of posing to a camera hasn't made me a pro. :D


Have a lovely rest of the week!