A New Dress

I've finished sewing a new dress! I bought the fabric in 2013, and sort of started the project last summer, and now the dress is finally ready. When I sew, I usually pick the pattern from one of my two 50s sewing magazines. The only thing that bothers me about the patterns is that they usually are not my size, and I have to make adjustments, which can be difficult!

I thought this was my first floral dress, but I actually do have one 60s floral dress. It looks like a maternity dress, which is why I don't really wear it often!



You sometimes need a parasol in Finland! Not that often this year, though...

I'm wearing the dress without a petticoat, mine is rather modest anyway. I need a big, puffy, fluffy petticoat! (And another pair of sandals in addition to the Swedish Hasbeens!)


Summer, Kind of Wonderful

What's new:

- it seems that summer is finally here!
- our fridge stopped working, it's really annoying! You can't buy anything in advance because it goes bad...
- I have a fringe. It's too thin at the moment, because hairdressers hardly ever understand what I want, but luckily fringes always grow too fast, so it'll be thick enough!

Today's outfit, nothing too special. I made the skirt myself, and I have to say I'm disappointed at the fabric, because it gets wrinkled in an instant!


50s Flowers and the 'One Day it'll Fit' Skirt

You know those pieces of clothing that you just got to have even though they might be too tight-fitting? Well, this flea-market bought COS skirt didn't quite fit me when I bought it a year ago, but I really liked the colour and the design. It's not a habit of mine to buy items that are too small for me, but this skirt was an exception! I'm also hanging on to some of my old vintage dresses that are now too small for me, but maybe one day they will fit again.

 The sandals are Swedish Hasbeens! They're finally getting comfortable to wear...

As if I didn't spend enough money in Paris (for example on the &Other Stories bag in the photos), I went and bought those Ray-Bans. But the truth is that I only owned some crappy H&M sunglasses... It's just scary to buy expensive things, like the bag and the sunglasses, because I'm constantly afraid of breaking them or getting dirt on them etc.




Our week in Paris was lovely. Now that I'm home, I've just been ill, working and writing my BA thesis. Truth be told, I could have stayed there for many, many weeks (or months). I still wish to live there some day. I have sort of forgotten that I've actually lived in France - it's only a distant memory!



Last weekend I went boating with my dad and brother. This year my dad keeps one of his boats at River Porvoonjoki , which is wonderful because I've wanted to go boating at the sea for ages - I do like lakes, but there is something special about the sea. We went to an island called Onas. It was a spectacular place, so beautiful.


Red & White

Red and white is one of my favourite colour combinations. I haven't been wearing bows lately, because I sometimes feel that they make me appear too young, but I think the bow looks quite nice with a bun.

Both the jumper and skirt are second hand finds.

And so is the Minna Parikka swan bag, which is often my go-to bag. It's whimsical enough to add a finishing touch to any outfit.


The Party Dress

I was invited to a summer-themed birthday/farewell party. This Ivana Helsinki dress felt summery enough, and I hadn't worn it in ages. It looks quite nice!

 The bow was made by me a couple of years ago!


My Vintage Furniture "Collection"

We finally have a TV-stand! Well, it's not a modern TV-stand from IKEA, but this little old dresser (or is it a (chest of) drawer(s), I wasn't really able to understand the English terms. :D) Anyway, I don't like the modern TV-stands, because they are so big and chunky, and you can't vacuum under them!


I don't mind the scratches that much, but I think I might varnish the dresser some day.

The converter box is hidden! Not that we need it much, only if I want to record a show.

I also have an amazing antique bureau. Okay, well I'm not an expert and I'm not sure whether I should use the word antique or vintage, but you know, old furniture in any case!


And the rocking chair. :)


I really enjoy buying my furniture vintage, because some of those IKEA pieces don't really have a soul. Although I wouldn't mind owning the Ekenäset chair. It's lovely!

I originally hung these pom poms for our house warming party, but I quite like them, I have no reason to take them down!