Here I Go Again

It probably doesn't surprise anybody if I tell that I'm going to Paris. In May! I just want to spend all my time planning the trip... I should probably broaden my horizons and go somewhere else, but I happen to like Paris! This time, though, we're planning a day trip to Lille, perhaps. I'd really like to go to the south, but it is hors budget.

When I visited Paris a year ago, it rained almost all the time, which was a big disappointment. I really hope the weather is better this time around! These photos were taken about five or four years ago, when I lived in France. Gosh, time really does fly. It sort of feels like yesterday, but sort of like a distant dream...


The Finished Skirt With a 50s Floral Top

I have finished the skirt! Well, these photos don't do the skirt justice: I hate taking outfit photos inside on a grey day. Also, I should have a bigger petticoat! The floral crop top is late 50s/early 60s. I really love it, although the buttons keep detaching themselves... Oh, and the shoes! These are from Minna Parikka's earlier collections, from 2008 or something. Bought them second hand. :)


The Dream Skirt: Circle, Gathered, Pleated?

When I first fell in love with vintage, and especially the 50s and the 60s, I would browse a lot of photos and illustrations for inspiration. I loved those big skirts - but I never understood that what I wanted wasn't a circle skirt, but a gathered skirt! I only realised it quite recently, maybe a year ago, even though I started learning to sew back in 2009 (when I started this blog...)

Click the photo for source!


McCall's Pattern Fashions - Summer 1960.  Love how the collar appears to be part of the bolero jacket, but is actually attached to the dress.

Now that I am enlightened, I decided to attempt making this kind of skirt. I think I'll go attach the waistband now!


Phew, it's been a while. After my last post, my camera totally broke down. I ordered myself a new one, but I'm not sure whether my lenses are too old, because I haven't been totally satisfied with the pictures. That's one reason for not blogging. The other reason is that I'm quite tired because of all the studying. I also have a job nowadays. I'd like to blog, though, but I suck at blogging regularly!

Here's my diligent school-girl outfit from some time ago.

In case someone reads this, I'd like to ask how you've been? :)


Vintage Batwoman!

So, I was invited to a Halloween party, but did not really have time to think of a costume. I was browsing  on Pinterest and found this picture of Vera Ellen and decided that I want to wear a bat cape (because I didn't have the time or knowledge to make this awesome egg costume! I love it to pieces. I will make an egg costume one day.). Halloween isn't really celebrated in Finland, and as this was one of the few Halloween parties I have ever been invited to, I had to wear something. As I'm rather impatient, I just improvised and didn't take any measures or anything... But I don't recommend my way to anyone! :D



This is the most perfect red, ah.

Considering that I didn't really have any time to prepare my costume, I'm very satisfied with it!

This is how the cape looks like when I don't spread my arms. Could I somehow integrate it into my wardrobe? The fabric cost me money, I don't want to only wear it once a year! :D

About to fly!


Hope you had a nice Halloween, whether you celebrated it or not!


Hi. How have you been? I hope you're well!

I still have camera problems, but I found out that my friend has a similar charger to mine, so at least I can check if my batteries work! I wish I could blog actively, because I really liked it, especially vintage and photography blogging. Needless to say, I haven't been that active in a few years... But these pauses always make it harder to come back! Sometimes I'm not sure what to write about: what do I want to share, and what if I don't write enough? A fresh start sounds rather appealing! Anyway, without a functioning camera there is not much point in blogging for me, photos are an important part of my blogging, I don't consider myself that talented a writer. Some people have a talent, they write intriguing texts that feel personal without actually revealing any personal information. I, on the other hand, often feel that I'm either giving nothing or telling too much...

I gotta say that I haven't been this happy for some time. What a feeling! I also got a job some time ago. Now I'm under some stress, but our Scotland trip is waiting around the corner. Have to get myself a pair of wellies, I don't want to walk around in wet shoes!

I'm listening to Summer Nights from Grease on repeat. I haven't even seen the movie yet! I always ask for music recommendations, they're welcome now as well. For the past two months I've mainly been listening to Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Summer Nights and Bailando... :--D


Scotland, Here We Come!

So! We just booked our tickets to Scotland. We're going to Stirling in November to see a friend, and will spend most of our time there, but we will also spend a couple of days in London. It's been four years since my last visit! (So, definitely more than the three years I declared it wouldn't take. :D) 

I do not know London like I know Paris, so tips are definitely needed! Although I do know some stores I'm gonna go check... And also, if you've been to Scotland it'd be nice to get some tips as well, what to see and stuff. I don't think we'll be going very far from Stirling, we're kind of on a budget, but anything on a 50 km radius should be fine. 

These are just random snaps from my last trip!

Our Paris trip was kind of hectic, so it's nice to be spending a week in Scotland, in no hurry to do anything. I feel real lucky to be going abroad for the fourth time this year! That never happens. Tenerife, Paris, Tallinn and now the UK. But I also feel bad about my carbon footprint. Luckily there are many other choices that I can make to reduce my overall carbon footprint. And I can't help think that those planes would fly whether I was on board or not, which probably isn't the smartest thought. But travelling is one of the best things you can do and I don't want to feel too bad about it, because I already think about this save-the-earth-stuff everyday. I'd like to know how you feel about flying and how do you tell yourself it's ok to travel? Do you think it's hypocritical to be aware of the problems of air travel and still do it? I think it's important to think about the effects of travelling on the environment! So I'd be happy to hear your thoughts. Now it's high time to go to bed. I wish to dream about the trip, anyway! Good night!


Minä tahtoisin tietää, miksi joka paikassa väitetään kantarellien kasvavan koivikossa tai kuivassa mäntymetsässä, kun kaikki löytämäni kantarellit ovat kasvaneet kuusten läheisyydessä?

Ei muuta.