Bright Colours

Today I went to school to get some tests back. I was a little depressed by my Swedish test, because I have never got a course grade under 9 in languages. But I was also surprised by my French test: 9½, which means that my course grade is ten. Yippee!

Due to horrendous weather I had to wear my spring coat, not just a summer dress as I had planned. I don't like orange at all, but I just have to love my coat, as even Minna Parikka, my favourite shoe designer, told it's lovely. ;) And I keep thinking it's red. (Ignore my stupid whistling expression, please!)

I had been looking for flat shoes for ages, but then I finally found those bow flats from a Red Cross thrift store. It's so far from the city centre that I never go there. My friend and I were supposed to go to the swimming hall on Saturday, but it was closed. A blessing in disguise, the flea market was open and I found my shoes! :)

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Dsata said...

Red fits you very well. Nice picture !

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