From Saturday to yesterday I was home all alone (with Misty (our cat) and Zippy (our dog). Zippy was so annoying! I had to carry him upstairs every single night when I went to bed, as he wouldn't climb the stairs himself.. He is perfectly able to do that!) - and just before everybody came home, my second cousins paid a visit. So we had a fun chat.

Here's what I got yesterday! :--)


This is the prettiest bag ever.


Ines said...

its a minna parikka bag isnt it?! you're so lucky, do you order your minna parikka things online?


Alice said...

Yes it is! No, I usually go to her store. I contacted Minna, as there is a rip in one of my Parikkas, and I wanted to know if it can be fixed. I also asked if there could be a summer sale for bags also. ;)She told that she doesn't think it can be repaired, but as a compensation I could buy a bag with a lower price. I guess it was she who won in this situation, but I'm happy, nevertheless!


so nice to have both cat & dog...I only have baby doggy! The pop of red is so fabulous darling...
hope you are having a lovely weekend~

skedo said...

The most beautiful bag in the whole world :)
I love your shoes too. They look really pretty on you. The colour is extremely feminine.

Thanks for the comment you gave me almost a month ago... uh sorry.
I truly like your style! I'll start following your blog <3

Have a nice day

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