A Dream Dress

Just an outfit post. I have done nothing interesting this week, I've just been working. Well, I went to a concert. I wore a dress my grandmother gave me. She had it sewn in the 50s! I think I need a bigger petticoat, though.


I started thinking about keeping a blog in my native language. But, well, I'm too scared. I think I would feel stupid, and nobody has found my blog anyway. So why bother. This is not a fashion blog, and I think they only want blogs that handle the fashion of the moment.

Well, I should go swimming now, it's so hot in here. And it's definitely not a drawback that I can just walk down the stairs on our backyard, and then I can just run to the lake!


elle s'ennuie said...

I think there are a couple of Finnish blogs that aren't so much into fashion of the moment and more into classic style (e.g Buttermilk Bisquits). But there are definitely more vintage bloggers in English. Also, I don't know how accurate my perception is, but it just seems to me that the English blogging world is much friendlier, in general.

Alice said...

That's why I started writing in English. I don't think I could bear all the negative comments by anonyms, that might be posted. I'm such a baby. :-)

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