Why Did It Have to Be Me

Yesterday was quite a day. I baked my friend a birthday cake and for some reason I almost failed the whole thing. I managed to turn the cream into butter, which has never happened to me before. Then my father took me to buy cream on our boat, as we don't have a car this week.

Well, then another friend of mine came, for we were both going to the party. I put the cake into a cardboard box, and then we tied the box onto the carrier of my bike. I wanted to take a photo of the cake, because it was pretty!, but we didn't have time.. Our friend was already asking where we were, and of course we couldn't tell her anything, as the cake was a surprise. So it took us nearly half an hour to go there, when it normally takes 10 minutes! :D

I came home late, or should I say early, as this is a photo of the sunrise. (What a pity, you can't see the little lighthouse.. I advise you to click the photo and then view a larger version.)
Saturday Morning
Here's also a photo of an outfit I wore last weekend. I love the cardigan! I remember having admired it in the spring, but it was too expensive for me to buy, as I didn't need it. A few weeks ago I saw that the price had been reduced!
Quirky II
Now I shall go reading. I started reading two books, the Horse Whisperer and Emily of New Moon. I have seen the film (the Horse Whisperer, I mean), and I liked it. I hope I like the book also. I have also read Emily of New Moon, but not in English.

Good night!


Ines said...

where did you get that cardigan from? it's perfect!

Alice said...

It's a Soaked in Luxury cardigan. I bought it from a local shop, called Minzi. It's the best, they sell all my favourite brands there (IVANAhelsinki, Soaked in Luxury, and I bought my first Parikkas from Minzi) http://www.minzi.fi/


I'm not sure if you can get their products online, but you can google! :) I think you should check Asos for it.

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