Here's yesterday's outfit.

The Only Rainy Moment
Some details.
A Closer Look

Today was my first viola lesson this autumn! If somebody wants to know the difference between violins and violas, they can go to Wikipedia, because I don't know any music terms in English.. Or my explanation wouldn't be the clearest. Anyway, I played quite well, considering that I haven't played the viola since May. It just didn't cross my mind, as I had so many other things going on. I don't think I totally disgraced Vivaldi's L'estro armonico.


Joana said...

I really, really, love your hair ^^ I wish my hair could look so nice, but it just tend to always look like when I get out of bed... -.-

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where are the shoes from? :o I just fell in love with them!

Anniina said...

Hi! Those are Minna Parikka shoes. I bought them a year ago in her store, which is in Helsinki. She also has a web boutique.


You can't find the Bow Slippers from her online store, but I advise you to send her email (that's what I do quite frequently) and ask if she still has Bow Slippers. When I visited her boutique in July, she had them in black and in blue, like the ones I have. :)

Anniina said...

Thank you, Joana! Sadly, my hair was HIDEOUS before taking the photo. For some reason almost all the curls had straightened, and I just had to curl my hair a bit before taking the photo. I really want to know how to make my curls last!

Ines said...

oooh the amazing cardigan strikes bak :)

and thats is SO COOL about you playing viola. I used to play the violin but gave up due to lack of time. They're both beautiful intruments but to be honest, i like the viola's sound better!

Anonymous said...

Wow you wear the cutest clothes! I love your blog, it's very sweet :) So I'm going to add you to my reading list hehehe!

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