I won an online auction last week (and I even felt sorry for my competitor bidder..) and I finally got the package today. My little brother also got something in the mail, but we had no idea what. All the delivery note told was "biscuits" and the package was from Chips Group. So, we went to the post office, and there was a huge cardboard box waiting for him. It was full of biscuits!!! He had won a sweepstake, well, not the first prize, but anyway!
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I've been reading old magazines and newspapers, and here's one of my favourite ads from year 1924.
1924 advertisement
"Oxygenol toothpaste makes, as you can see in the picture, your teeth strong, white and beautiful."

P.S. Why, why, why didn't I buy this dress when I had the chance?! Now it's already sold.

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Pappelschnee said...

Love the shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

Me too!! Your shoes are the most lovely shoes I've ever seen!
I know Minna Parikka but I don't have any shoes of this designer because...I'm french :)! But I really want to spare money to buy one pair one day! (Sorry for my english if I make some mistake).
I didn't seen those shoes on the web store, are they from a past colection?

All your outfits are really pretty! I love your blog!

Anniina said...

Salut et merci!

The shoes are from her autumn/winter 08/09 collection. :-)

Ines said...

owww i love your hair! how do you get it to look so perfect?

and i am sorry about the dress, it really is a beauty!

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