Good evening!

I really don't know what to do with this skirt. I find it very difficult to combine with my other clothes. I like it, though, because it's so cheerful. But I have thought of selling it. I like the print, and as some of you might remember, I have a similar bag in blue.

September 13

I'm so exhausted. Studying never ends. I have a Spanish test on Friday - so I'm allowed to watch many episodes of Los Serrano, purely in educational purposes, of course. ;)

Good night! :-)


dearilou said...

Pink and green go well together. So does pink and orange. Or yellow. Don't be afraid to try this skirt with more colors.
With that said, I totally had a skirt like this. It was pink too, but very 90's shape and print. I couldn't seem to make it work with anything. I actually never wore it. Ever.

Anniina said...

I should really buy more blouses and cardigans! Maybe then I could wear it again..

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