I was tagged, actually a long time ago, so here are some trivial things about me.

1. I have always wanted to be bilingual. Instead I have dozens of friends and relatives who are. How unfair!
2. I watch Days of our Lives. I know it's a horrible tv programme, but I never miss an episode. :D
3. I'm afraid of bears (and adders!!!!!!). It's very unlikely that a bear would come to this little island where I live, but I never go wandering alone in the forest.
4. I study French and Spanish, even though I have always wanted to study Italian.
5. I love Disney classics. Almost every Finn's favourite is the Lion King, but my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. (You should really listen to the songs of the film in Finnish, so go to YouTube!)
6. I have read every Harry Potter book both in English and in Finnish.
7. The Catcher in the Rye is one of my favourite books. I cannot understand why my friend said she didn't understand the book!
8. I love playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook!
9. I have no special talent, but I'd love to be really good at something. It's quite irritating when everybody else is so talented.
10. In my opinion candy floss is a lovely word. Why would anybody use the word cotton candy, when there's the word CANDY FLOSS? Or fairy floss. I (normally) prefer British English to American English, I just don't like the way how they pronounce words like can't, dance, chance, butter, matter, etc. Of course there are some exceptions, and please don't be offended if you are American!


I bought this trench coat from H&M a few days ago and I really like it! And it looks fairly good with flat shoes. I decided to take the outfit photo somewhere else than in front of the stupid bush, so I went to the little lighthouse that is near my house. Actually it's a sector lights, but we've always called it a lighthouse.

Quote of the day: "And if Dobby does it wrong, Dobby will throw himself off the topmost tower, Harry Potter!" :--D


Ines said...

i also rather british english, not just because my family and boyfriend are from England, but its the one i spoke since i was little, and it flows so much easier and sounds so much better than the american one...

candy floss is definitely cuter than cotton candy^^

(and im addicted to facebook games aswell! xD)

btw, did you buy your green skirt from the previous post at H&M?

Anonymous said...

Wow love your trenchcoat!!! I always wish that winter where I live would be cold enough for a big cosy trench to wear with a cute pair of boots, or amazing shoes like your red heels!!!

Anniina said...

Ines: Yes I did! Nowadays I have found many beautiful clothes in H&M. :)

Harlow: That's a pity you can't, at least sometimes!

Ranna said...

I covet your shoes so bad.
The black trench is cute, too. :)

I've never understood what's so great about Lion King. (Well, maybe Scar and the fact that he's one of the few villains, who actually manage to kill off a main character.)
My favourite Disney movie is Snow White. Fantasia is a close second. (I seem to go for vintage on these as well!)

Anniina said...

Fantasia is such a beautiful film. My favourite classic varies from time to time, and it's very hard to say if B&B is my absolute favourite. Snow White is definitely one of the best classics. I haven't even watched the newest "classics", e.g. Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons or Bolt. I don't think the classics should be 3-D!

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx9o3z-qu5Y&feature=related I love this song!)

Tuss said...

Lovely outfit! You're beautiful

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