Unexpected purchases

I finally got a tripod! I think I'm somehow cursed, because every time I start taking photos it starts raining or the Sun doesn't shine anymore.

The score of the English exam is lugubrious. Well, of course I didn't fail it, but maybe I was subconsciously nervous (I didn't feel like it, though) and that's why did so bad. I made so stupid mistakes, and it makes me angry and sad. It is aggravating to know that I SHOULD have known something, but I didn't remember it then. I really don't know how to get over this, it saddens me so. Some might jump for joy, but I am not satisfied. I have started to question my English skills.. I'm a failure.

Here's what I wore today. I really surprised myself when I bought this green skirt. I have always disliked yellow, orange and some shades of green, but now I'm starting to like them.. Well, not orange or bright yellow.



the freelancer's fashionblog said...

The bow blouse is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Millä sä oot ihana ihminen kihartanut ton tukkas? Se on niin nätti.

Anniina said...

No kiitos, vaikka en itse samaa mieltä olekaan! :D Tämän kuvan kiharat on tehty semmoisilla kukkapatukoilla, joita saa mm. Seppälästä. Käytän myös pin curls -tekniikkaa.

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