Hello again! I'm sorry about my inactivity, but I'm having a clothing crisis. Even though I have many clothes, the majority is stuff that I never wear, because they're not my style. I should update my huuto.net account soon.. I need more tops and a few pairs of winter boots. Where are you, cute Peter Pan collar blouses?!

In addition, I don't know where I'm going to take outfit photos during the winter. The lighting sucks indoors and it's freezing outside. Blah!

Anyway, I do have an outfit photo now. Ironing that blouse was tough alright. All that ruffle.. The skirt is made by my mom in the 90s (what a horrible decade, but a cute skirt). The headband is from Kappahl Vintage Stories collection.
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I bought these vintage shoes a few days ago. I don't know how old they are..
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Now I'm going to watch the film Some Like It Hot. I have never seen a film in which Marilyn Monroe acts, so I guess it's high time!


dearilou said...

Oh, I just adore that huge bow!
I feel that the 80's are way worse than the 90's, though that may be because I have sentimental childhood memories attached to the latter decade.

Anniina said...

I agree with you! But when I think of the 90s, I think of the Spice Girls and their clothes. :D

churfera said...

You are sooo stylish!
I think I love the whole outfit, lovely shoes, incredible skirt (wow!) cute cute cute blouse and pretty headband. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Noi kengät on niin upeat! Ja tuo musta paitakin, sulla vaan on silmää. :--)


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