I have always liked everything old fashioned, but it was only a year ago when I realised I could actually dress up how I wanted (that goes for my hair, too).

I cut my hair short in February. Before that it was quite long and I had fringe, too. I didn't cut it earlier because I had this ball, the equivalent of the prom. (Or should I say the equivalent to? Is there a difference?)

Here are some of my favourite hairstyles.
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pictures from moviemaidens.com, except for the Marilyn picture, which is from gallerym.com

These are the styles I would like to be able to create. My hair is very thick so setting pincurls takes all evening! I guess it's too short and thick for some of the styles. I have been practising, but there's been no huge success. So, if there's a hair expert reading this, please tell me what to do! And, please, tell your opinions, if you think a certain hairdo would or wouldn't suit me. All tips accepted!

I'm looking forward to the weekend; I'm going to Helsinki, and on Saturday I'm going to see a musical! The title is a hint. ;)


muffinssi said...

Nuo kiharakampaukset on vaan niin iiiiiihania!

Kitten said...

Nice hairstyles! I've been doing a lot of pincurls lately myself, and I also have quite thick hair, maybe you'd like to know what I've learned so far? Well I'll tell you anyway :P

It first took me about 30-40 min to do the pincurls, but now only about 15. I do standing up curls (seems easier and thus faster). I do smaller ones around the forehead and pretty big ones on top and at the back, which also speeds the process up. At night I've been rolling the curls up again in VERY big pincurls (about 7-8 altoghether) and putting a scarf around my head and sleeping like that. Very easy in the morning...

Hope this was useful, there's some pics of the results on my blog (and more pictures to come!) at http://kitteninlove.blogspot.com

Have a lovely day!

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