Yesterday we had a gala to celebrate our school's birthday (151 years, and, by the way, it was the first school in Finland that started teaching in Finnish) but sadly I don't have an outfit photo. I tried to take one, because I was wearing a pretty dress, but the lighting was very bad, so the photos are not good.

But, I do have a photo of what I wore today (or actually yesterday, because it's already 1 a.m!). My friend had a birthday party, even though her birthday was in June. Better late than never!

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I'm wearing a Marimekko shirt and my Mom's IVANAhelsinki skirt.

Good night! :-)


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, it has a very nautical feel :)

Tuss said...

Love your outfit!

Dsata said...

I've found this post that might interest you :


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