Goodbye May Seem Forever

Yesterday I got to enjoy a once in a lifetime event: THE SUN! I really don't remember the last time I saw it (before yesteday).
Waving at you!
Something that I knew would happen, has happened. My boyfriend and I split up after three and a half years. Even though it's mainly my fault how things went (but, well, you can't influence your feelings, can you?), I'm still exceedingly sad and crying all the time. I really wish things had gone differently. I probably deserve all this pain, and he definitely didn't (doesn't) deserve all the sadness I put him through. I'm really glad that there are no arguments and we can talk like we used to. Only a jerk like me wouldn't cherish a guy like him. One thing that makes this all worse is that I'm all alone with this. Of course I can't bother him all the time with this, because we both have to deal with it separately, too. And about my friends.. I don't want to go to school to cry (I've certainly had my share over the years). Maybe I'll survive untill the weekend.

Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart is a memory
And there you'll always be


Roosa said...

Ihania nuo kuvat! Voimia!

Ines said...

I am so sorry to hear about this, but if it was for the better: good riddance!

I only went through one breakup (curiously, after almost 4 years aswell) and I had a really hard time. I couldn't even think about dating for a very long time. But, it was the best thing that happened to me, because now I am with the most amazing person ever. who actually appreciates me.

Time will heal things.
Hope you get back on your feet asap!

dearilou said...

Oh, I'm so sorry dearie. Don't be afraid to use your blog as an outlet for your pain. You aren't totally alone in the blogosphere.

Maria Confer said...

These photos are beautiful. You're a great photographer.


skedo said...

I'm sorry to hear that!
Take care <3 hugs

there's so much feeling in the photos
they look truly amazing

Aliliisa said...

Voi ei ihan kurjaa :( aika parantaa ja helpottaa oloa. täytyy vaan eka niellä ne pahimmat ja neulaisimmat ja itkuisimmat päivät ja sitten näyttää valosemmalta :)

Anniina said...

Thanks for your kind words, sweethearts! :-)

Roosa: Kiitos ja kiitos. :)

Ines: I'm glad you're happy now! I'm starting to feel better already. Today has been quite a happy day, he gave me a lift to school (we go to the same school) and I haven't even cried.

dearilou: I was very happy yesterday, when an old friend, with whom I seldom talk at school came to me and asked if I was ok. After telling her I've been feeling much better. :)

Maria Confer: Thanks! I've been a little uninspired, because I have some ideas that are hard to actualise or what ever. So those were just spontaneously taken. :)

skedo: Thank you, thank you! :) I'm happy that you like them!

Aliliisa: Niinpä. Ihan parin päivän jälkeenkin näyttää ja tuntuu jo paremmalta. :)

Kitten said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, and that you found someone to talk to about it too.

I also broke up with my previous boyfriend after being together for 3 ½ years. Sometimes, you just need to let go and move on. Soon after, I took a chance and asked someone else out, and now we are living together and very happy. I'm sure you'll find someone too when the time is right. Voimia!

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