I think my luck has finally turned around! A while ago I found a vintage dress for 10 euros, then the swan bag and yesterday two blouses (with Peter Pan collars!!!). 

 I wore this dress for the first time today. It's so funny when the teachers pay me compliments. My Swedish teacher told me my dress was beautiful and asked if it was retro. Once my French teacher told I looked very chic. Well, I'm only glad that they like my style. :D
The dress is from Play it Again, Sam and the shoes are the same old Vagabonds I always wear.
Have a nice Thursday!


Linnea said...


You asked me on my blog (moncheriblogg.blogg.se) wich lipstick i use, but i have to say that i dont know... =( its a old one, and the tag has fallen off. The name of the colour is enyways Latino Beat.

Maria Confer said...

It is such a gorgeous dress. I love the pattern and silhouette!!


Anniina said...

Linnea: All right! I actually just found a good, red lipstick. :-)

Maria Confer: Thanks! I agree with you. ^^

esme and the lane way said...

Gorgeous dress!

Katja Cintja said...


julia aka garconniere said...

it reminds me so much of the dress jean seberg wears in breathless!!!

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