Silhouette Stories

I found something enchanting last weekend, these adorable children's films by Lotte Reiniger. I really like silhouette photographs, so the accidentally found silhouette film caught my attention right away! You can find almost any story, for example Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel.

The blouse is from H&M, the black shirt is Marimekko, the skirt thrifted H&M (originally size 42!) and the boots from Spirit Store. I had a pair of Victorian inspired boots that I think were prettier, but, sadly, even a shoemaker can't save them. :(

  The funniest tea cup!

Tomorrow, at last, a friend and I are going to the cinema, to see Coco avant Chanel. I hope it's good. And on Sunday I'm going to see the cutest little girl ever! I've really missed her. I hope she still can't say my name, but instead, call me Nanniina. It's the loveliest nickname I've ever had! Once, when we we're visiting her family, and just leaving, her mom told her to come hug me. At first she was hesitating. I was just about to get into the car, and then she ran towards me and hugged me! I'm such a crybaby, but it was so touching.

I never thought I'd come across a Minna Parikka replica, but now I have. How annoying.
Have a great weekend!


Maria Confer said...

Your so adorable, I love this outfit.


Anonymous said...

Oh, rakastuin tuohon tunnelmaan ja tuohon teekuppiin! Asusi on minusta niin kaunis, ja niin naisellinen. Olisinpa yhtä tyylitajuinen kuin sinä! :--)

Anonymous said...

great outfit. i like your hairstyle very much

Anonymous said...

Aaa rakastuin hiuksiisi!

Aliliisa said...

aivan ihana asu! mun vaatekaapista uupuu niin tollaset baby-kauluspaidat!

esme and the lane way said...

Super cute! I love it!

churfera said...

I adore this blouse!!!!!!!

skedo said...

the cute buttons make your skirt look so very pretty
Great combo as always <3

Parikka replica?! for real? horrible ):

Anniina said...

Maria Confer: Oh, thank you! :)

Anonyymi: Kiitos, kiitos!

knalleffekt: Thanks! I'm getting a little bored with pony tails, maybe I should try something different..

Anonyymi: Hah, kiitos, ajattelin just että onpa lötsähtänyt kampaus. :D

Aliliisa: Kiitos! :-) Oon ettinyt sellaista jo ties miten pitkään, ja sitten H&M:lle tuli niitä!

esme and the lane way: Thank you ever so!

churfera: Me too! :--)

skedo: Thank you! Unfortunately, yes.. There was a link to a website using piksi's (http://www.flickr.com/photos/piksi_/) Maxine photos and some pics of the horrible fakes. I wonder if that's why she has no photos there now.

Anonymous said...

Mitä! Mistä löytyi Minna Parikka -kopio? Sietämätöntä!

Anonymous said...

Oi anteeksi oonpas mä tyhmä! Olit jo vastannut mun kysymykseen.

Anniina said...

Anonyymi: Oho, jostain syystä en ole huomannut kommenttejasi.. Mutta joo, enää niitä feikkikuvia ei kyllä oo näkyvillä. :O

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