I love Wednesday mornings - I could get up at 11, and I wouldn't be late for anything. Well, I always get up much earlier, but I wouldn't have to! It's the perfect time to listen to music or watch a film.

An unintentional pose when I noticed that the 10 seconds had gone and I had to hide my right hand, because I wasn't wearing a glove!
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This is my old winter coat. It's size XS, but I find it very odd, considering that it's a little big for me nowadays. What do the much smaller girls wear, then?
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Remember to wear a reflector during these dark months! Mine is designed by Paola Suhonen (IVANAhelsinki is her label).

December 2
The coat is Soaked in Luxury, the bag Minna Parikka, the shoes are from Spirit Store.

 I was going to write more, but the computer suddenly went crazy. It won't turn on properly, there's this weird problem that I can't describe in any language. Luckily this text was still here, so I just came to publish it on Dad's computer. :)


Dsata said...

Beautiful shiny pictures.
A pretty outfit for winter !

Ines said...

those boots are adorable! i am looking for a pair like those, but i cant find anywhere =/

days are really small now in Finland arnt they? I'm going in the summer so I get to see the white night^^

Anniina said...

Dsata: Thank you! :-)

Ines: I had the exact same problem for months. Hope you'll find your pair!
Yes, that's true. When I go to school, it's dark, and when I come home, it's dark (if I have long school days, that is). After Christmas we start to get more light, little by litte. :)

Maria Confer said...

There are no words for how wonderful that bag is!!


emma wallace said...

I love your blue coat! It looks so wintery and cheerful. And the pop of color your red bag adds is marvelous!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous as always, and I really love your lace up boots!

Laura said...

The boots are lovely, as many seem to think. Could you maybe reveal what they cost, and are they comfy (and not too slippery)? I might have to get similar ones..

Anniina said...

Maria Confer: It's the best bag! :-)

emma wallace: Thank you! :-)

Harlow: So do I!

Laura: The original price was 60 euros, but the price was reduced, so I paid 40 euros. They are very comfortable, and I don't think they are slippery. The only thing that bothers me is that they colour my white stockings black. :(

cashmere jumpers said...

Love the coat!

Shab-n-Chic said...

Hello- I found your blog by way of google after searching for a handbag like your red M.P. one. Do you know if they are still available in stores? It is impossible to find one here in the states and it is the only thing my daughter has been asking for this Christmas. She wants it in black..Any information would be much appreciated!


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