Buying accessories isn't what I do best. Usually it's the price that stops me - a single little piece can cost more than a blouse at a flea market. But the 3 euros I paid for these gloves were nothing!

The only problem is that I have no idea when I can wear them. So, feel free to ask me to a ball! Perhaps I could wear them to an opera or something. 
 Oh, I didn't tell you that I went to an opera when I was in Helsinki. It was my first time ever to go see an opera, and I enjoyed it. My mother and brother got to know an opera singer last summer, and via him we got ridiculously cheap tickets to La traviata, in which he sings in the choir.

And, the best thing is that I've been on the backstage of the Finnish National Opera! The friend of my mum's told that they do everything by themselves, the stage propertiers, costumes and all, and showed us the places. I was overjoyed, everything was very fascinating, and I saw so many beautiful costumes, some of them belonging to operas they don't even perform yet. I would also love to go to a ballet!

The gloves - KappAhl Vintage Stories collection
The photos - the one with the flowers from flickr.com, and the two others from myvintagevogue.com.


surfvintage said...

They are lovely! I've got some but short ones, to I carry them also to weddings ;) unfortunately there are not so much places to go so formal... maybe to a pub at night just kind of original!

Anonymous said...

I think if Scarlett Johansen had a younger pretty sister you are what she would look like! You look absoloutly gorgeous, like a film starlet from the 50s. It doesn't matter if you were to go out to a pub, the opera,the movies or the even grocery store looking like that, wherever you'd go guys would be going crazy for you!

MissKellie said...

Those are lovely! :D It's a shame there's not very many excuses to wear things like this in everyday life. You could probably get away with wearing them under a coat or sweater on a cold day, though! :) That might be cute!


Piia said...

The gloves look really fab! Very chic!

I have a box full of gloves, but somehow I just never get myself to use those. I feel they need a special occasion, but maybe that's just a stupid mind thingy and I should use them more often. More gloves, says I :).

Dsata said...

You have such a "femme fatale" look with these gloves.
Other thing :
Do you know the music Litanies à la Vierge Noire by Francis Poulenc :

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