The Finnish version of Project Runway was a show full of inspiration. Not only were the contestants' designs beautiful, some of the designers had also interesting styles.

Mirkka Metsola's outfits were gorgeous. I was always waiting to see what she was wearing rather than what she would design. Her hair was always perfect, and she wore the most amazing head accessories, which I'm going to show you.

Mirkka with Olga, who was also one of my favourite designers.

Even though I dislike animal prints, leopard print looks good on Mirkka!

The source: mtv3.fi


Harlow Darling said...

Wow, she's gorgeous and I really like her 40s-50s inspired hairstyle and hair accessories! I have a lot of similar hair acessories but am too afraid to wear them incase people give me strange looks :P

Chelsea said...

Man, I wish I could do my hair like that! If my hair weren't short, that is.

esme and the lane way said...

I love her hair!

Ines said...

wow she's super adorable, her hairstyle, her fascinators!

Ines said...

if you want to join lookbook, give me your email and i'll send you an invite^^

Anniina said...

You all: I know, she's so gorgeous! I still want to see more of her own personal style!

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