My belt hunting is still going on. Actually I do have one, the one I wore today. It is really a part of a H&M dress, which I bought because of the belt, for it was such a bargain - the pretty dress with the kind of belt I wanted cost so much less than all the ugly belts they sell at the shops. Unfortunately the quality of the photos is rather poor, and the main thing, the belt, is very blurry. Taking good photos of yourself indoors is a difficult form of art!

The blouse is thrifted, skirt by ME,  belt H&M, boots from Spirit Store and bag Minna Parikka. I like all my bags equally, but Maxine is the most beautiful hands down!

Just look at these lovely ladies with their belts. Pure perfection. Source: myvintagevogue 


Chelsea said...

I too am a sucker for a belted waist.

MissKellie said...

I have trouble finding belts that I like too! And the thrift shops nearby never seem to have a good selection, which is disappointing. Other bloggers always seem to find such cute belts in thrift shops!


a sweet-little girl said...
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Harlow Darling said...

Really love this outfit darling, very 50s!!!
Good luck with your belt finding, may I suggest having a look see in a thrift store? That's where I usually find the best belts that aren't ugly or poorly made - and they are one of a kind so all the better :)

Here's a link to a new blog I made today;

Anonymous said...

your hair is so pretty! my oh my how lovely.


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