Hello y'all! (For some reason I have wanted to use that word for some time, haha.) I haven't been the most creative person lately, I have a few "uniforms" I wear by turns. Today I remembered that I could do something different, for instance simply wear a scarf.

Let me tell you a love story. A little more than a year ago I got acquainted with an IVANAhelsinki skirt that I thought was the loveliest skirt ever. It was terribly expensive, so I didn't buy it. In the summer sales it was -50%, but it wasn't enough. After Christmas it would have cost 50 euros, but I was still hesitating. Then, last Friday I saw that it was still hanging on the sale rack with a 30 euro price tag. We are finally together!
Then another one. I went to see whether there would be something interesting in the flea market I have a love-hate relationship with. After looking through the place I stumbled upon a coat that didn't have a price tag, so I knew they couldn't sell it to me. I asked if they could keep it for me until the seller would turn up and tell the price. Well, they did, and I got it with three euros!
 And my current favourite song.


Roosa said...

The Kooks ♥
Paitsi tätä kyseistä biisiä en kyllä aiemmin ollu kuullu.. hmm? :D

Harlow Darling said...

You look soooooooo much like Scarlett Johansen! Really like the headband look, very 50s :)
The skirt is really lovely but my favorite has to be that jacket, it is amazing!!!

miss-elaineous said...

Hello, lovely photo of you there! I like your blog. I also love vintage styling & Minna Parikka :)

MissKellie said...

Oooh, amazing purchases! :D They're both adorable!


surfvintage said...

Lovely bandana yours! ;)
I like very much your boughts! and above ll your lipstick, I'm trying to get a rouge I really love but it's not so easy!

Anniina said...

Roosa: Niinpä! ♥ Hmm, jännää. :D Se on mun ylivoimainen suosikki nyt!

Harlow Darling: Haha, thank you! If that's a compliment, of course. ;)

miss-elaineous: Thank you so much, I'm very happy to hear that!

MissKellie: Buying them made my day! :-)

surfvintage: So do I, love is in the air.. I hope you'll find a good one!

miss-elaineous said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog :). I know my blog is all cooking, but I have some photos on Flickr: www.flickr.com/ek1980. You may find some vintage inspired photos in there!

I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

i love that pic of you! so chic!

Matroskin said...

Ihana blogi. Laitoin itsekin tänään vintage-henkistä kamaa blogiini. Ivanan hame on tosi kaunis, mitä materiaalia se on?

Chelsea said...

1) that bandanna looks so great on you!
2) that skirt is super lovely. It is so lucky that it was still there and for so cheap IN YOUR SIZE!

heather said...

as an official resident on the fine city of Austin, Texas, you are welcome to use y'all anytime!

congrats on snagging the fabulous skirt finally!

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