Summer, Where Are You?!

I've come up with the perfect summer outfit! My friend and I had H&M discount coupons we wanted to use. I took dozens of lovely clothes to the fitting room, but I fell in love with these two. The t-shirt looks like a normal t-shirt, but when I put it on it's the cutest. And the shorts, I'm speechless!

 Oh, how I wish it was summer.


Roosa said...

Oh, ihania molemmat! :)

miss-elaineous said...

So pretty! I have some shorts like those but they are red & high-waisted :) I love the bow in your hair.

Harlow Darling said...

Omg the shorts! I spent all summer looking for a pair of shorts as nice as those but no luck, all of the shorts that were nice were just TOO short lol! I really love how you've put together this outfit and the big black bow, so cute!

MissKellie said...

Aw, cute! :D That top is adorable!


Love_Again said...

yep looks like a very good everyday summer outfit indeed!

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