I came back from Helsinki a couple of days ago. I went to see the Signe Brander photo exhibition, which was fantastic! It was fascinating to think about the people in the photos, and their lives a hundred years ago. I think I'll go see it again the next time I go to Helsinki, I definitely recommend it! And, for once, I was lucky enough to be there during the IVANAhelsinki sales. I'd never had an IVANAhelsinki dress, and now I have two. Perhaps I have enough summer dresses now, considering that I have three vintage dresses I still haven't worn.

Me and my brother in 1908, hah!

 When I came home, there was this lovely vintage cardigan waiting for me! It's from an Etsy shop called Revolving Styles. Isn't it just perfect?


Chelsea said...

The color of that cardigan matched with you blonde hair and hair bow is so Alice in Wonderland.

Piia said...

You look so cute in those outdoor photos! And the cardigan is really lovely.

Harlow Darling said...

Wow, the peter pan colar coat is so lovely and I just adore the beautiful lace work on your new cardigan, what a great buy!

Joachim Sällström said...

Jättefin rosa nyans på huset!

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