I don't really understand why people, at least the youth, don't appreciate YLE channels. In my opinion they broadcast the best programmes and films (for example Heartbeat and the Camomile Lawn). In the spring the repertoire includes:
Merry-Go-Round, USA 1923 (tomorrow)
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, France 1964 (on Saturday)
On the Town, USA 1949, with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra (on Sunday)
Singin' in the Rain, USA 1952 (on March 28)

I think I'll watch the first episode of the new series on YLE Teema tonight. It's about life in Estonia from 1917 to 1941 (Tuulten pieksämä maa).

The other night I couldn't fall asleep, and I finished reading the Emily of New Moon series for the third time. A spoiler here, I'll write it in white. I had to read the whole book then and there, because I wanted Emily and Teddy to be together.  I couldn't stand their separation.   I started to crave for romance, and the feeling certainly didn't go away when I caught the ending of an Anne of Green Gables episode (on YLE 1, I told you they broadcast good series!). I think it's a rather good film film adaptation of one of my favourite book series. Hence the name of my blog, which anyone who belongs to the race that knows Joseph could have guessed. The search for a kindred spirit goes on, and I stop my intertextual references NOW.
A little bit of love for you from Anne and Gilbert. :-)

Every Finn reading this, take my advice, open the telly and watch these films I told about!


Chelsea said...

I adore Anne of Green Gables! I have the series on DVD, both Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. The third movie is on there too, but I refuse to watch it because it goes to far away from the books.

Piia said...

L.M. Montgomery is <3. Her books are my all time favourites (in addition to The Lord of The Rings). I read all Anne and Emily books in every few years and they never loose their charm.

Harlow Darling said...

Oh goodness! So that is where the name of your blog comes from, I have been wondering for a while now as I just knew it was familiar. I own every single book in the Anne of Green Gables series AND the movies that you are watching right now! However I never read Rainbow Valley as I never quite got used to the idea of Anne being all grown up and having her own kids...I didn't like it that she got older and married and stuff...

I used to have the biggest crush on the actor playing Gilbert :P

Matroskin said...

Oletko lukenut kirjan Sininen linna? Luin sen juuri ja se on kuin Anna-kirja aikuisille, aivan ihana.

Anniina said...

Chelsea: So do I! I have seen them all, and you're right, it's completely different. :/

Piia: They are my favourites, too, in addition to the Catcher in the Rye! Something completely different. :D

Harlow Darling: Haha. :--) I only read a couple of the books when I was young, but last winter I read every single one of them. It was, of course, different when Anne was married, but I liked those books, too!

Matroskin: En ole (vielä!), mutta ystäväni kertoi siitä joskus ja oli tykännyt. Minulla on projektina alkaa lukea muitakin L.M. Montgomeryn teoksia, kuin Annoja ja Emilioita! :-)

Vinda Sonata said...

interesting review and picture! i love the deep romance reflected in it. very... tantalizing!
thanks for sharing!

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