Favourite Spring Coat

My brother and I have studied Estonian since last autumn, and today we had our last lesson. :( Sad! In my opinion I understand Estonian much better than I speak or write, but that's okay, since there are five languages I study..

Well, this is me today:

My bag that my friend and another friend's mum wants!

There's a button missing but I've been too lazy to sew it back. :-)

Coat - Soaked in Luxury
Bag - second hand IVANAhelsinki
Shoes - Vagabond

My life is mainly vacuuming, cleaning toilets and other fabulous things. There's nothing wrong with being a cleaner, actually, but I've been a little lonely because I'm just working and working. Today I left the islands (this neighbourhood consists of three islands) for the first time this week. I'm sort of waiting for someone to ask me somewhere with them, because I'm too much of a wimp to do that myself. I want something else to do besides cleaning!

One more thing: why don't I have friends that are interested in vintage? I would love to go to Tampere Vintage in May, but I don't have anyone to take with me. :(


Moa - En magisk purt... said...

Absolutely lovely!!!

Rebecka said...

At first I was just going to say that your coat is fabulous, but then I saw THE BAG. It's beyond fabulous. My god, I want it, I want it!

ina said...

I used to study Estonian, too, some years ago, as I needed it for my Master thesis. I thought the hardest part was that when you already know Finnish, how to remember when it was exactly the same, when it was almost the same and when it was something completely different. And since I haven't practised my knowledge is really passive right now... That's a pity, so keep up with practising also afterwards! :)
Love your bag!

Matroskin said...

Ihana takki. Ja laukku.

Ines said...

your friend and your friend's mum are right, that bag is to die for. and omg so is the coat! i love bright coloured coats, they bring so much more life to winter's boring colours.

i would definitely go to Tampere Vintage with you! none of my friends is into vintage either (tbh, none of my friends is into the same stuff as me) but i still manage to go places by myself and have some fun^^

Ninni said...

Sullapa on kivantuntunen blogi! Ja hyvä nimikin sillä :)
Oih oispa mulla varaa tulla Tampere Vintageen, mutta matkat tulis liian kalliksi, kun juuri kävin Tampereella! :/

elle s'ennuie said...

Hey, you're always welcome to practise your spoken Estonian this side of the Baltic Sea! ;)

The coat is gorgeous! And the black-and-whiteness of the rest of the outfit lets it stand out so well.

Anonymous said...

Värit on rakkaus! Ihana kokonaisuus =)

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

i adore your red coat, i wish i had one just like it! i too wish i had friends interested in vintage..ah well! i hope you find someone to take trips with and enjoy vintage clothing with.


Anniina said...

Moa: Thank you!

Rebecka: Haha, I wanted it so bad, too, when I didn't have it!

Ina: Oh, how cool! You're right, it's very easy to get confused. I'll try to keep up my Estonian. :)

Matroskin: Kiitos, eivätkö olekin!

Ines: Thanks! Hey, you're coming to Finland to study, aren't you? Then we could go to a vintage event or something!

Ninni: Kiitos paljon! No höh. Minä taas en uskalla yksin mennä! :|

elle s'ennuie: Thanks, and, actually, I will go to Estonia in the summer! :)

Riina: Kiitos vain, ystäväiseni!

Mystery Flight Vintage: I hope you find what you want! :-)

penaali said...

Liityn sun kaverin ja toisen kaverin äidin joukkoon! Supersöpö laukku! Saanko udella miten paljon pulitit siitä käytettynä?:)

Blogisi on muutenkin ihastuttava, suloista kevättä ja vappua sinulle :)

Anniina said...

penaali: Muistaakseni se oli 53 euroa. :) Kiitos kovasti, ja samaa sinulle!

Lonesome Mama said...

oh lord! The bag is breathtaking and so are you!

Anniina said...

Oh, thank you very much! :-)

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