I Love Helsinki

So, I spent the five past days at my grandma's. My main task was to clean her house (listening to Édith Piaf while doing it!), but I had time to do some nicer things as well.

I've always been fascinated by Helsinki. It's such a beautiful city. I love the sea, the buildings, the parks etc! I didn't buy anything there, BUT I came home with two vintage dresses (my grandma's, one from early 60s, which I'm wearing in the photos, and the other from early 50s.) One morning mummu (that's what I call my grandmother) just noticed an ad about a flea market where there were "50s & 60s clothes that are new with tags", guess twice whether we went there or not! So she bought me a cute blue 50s nylon blouse with a Peter Pan collar.

Here are some photos of my trip. Okay, these are very similar with each other but I'm going to show them all anyway.

I was wearing my new dress that is precisely 50 years old this spring!

 It was windy but HOT!

I couldn't get enough of these flowers, since we don't have these where I live!


Anonymous said...

Oh, aivan ihania kuvia! :---))Tykkään. Ps. Toivottavasti sulla oli mukava reissu. Kerrot sitten kaiken mulle!


surfvintage said...

Lovely haircut! Vintage pieces with tags? I must travel there! ;)

Harlow Darling said...

Such lovely photos, and I love those flowers too, it's been years since I've seen them though..
The dress is really sweet and so flattering, I wish I had something so nicely cut :)

Lots of love

Felicia said...

Jag är så fantastiskt nyfiken på Helsingfors! Och det ser onekligen väldigt fint ut.

Stéphanie said...

So lovely pictures ! You're just adorable !

Piia said...

That second picture of you is soooo perfect! I love it!

hannah said...

i would love to go there, it looks beautiful! your grandmother sounds like a wonderful lady.

Anniina said...

Riina: Hihi ihanaa että tykkäsit!

Surfvintage: Thanks! Yes, there were and I was really happy! :D

Harlow Darling: I'm such a flower fanatic, honestly. :--D I'm glad that the dress looks so good, it's rather rare for me to get a dress that flatters my body!

Felicia: Du borde ta Finlandsbåten och åka se Helsingfors! :-)

Stéphanie: Thank you for your sweet words!

Piia: Oh, thank you! It seems to be my friends' favourite photo of me on facebook. :-D

Hannah: If you ever come up north, you should visit Helsinki! I'd say she's a bit whimsical, but I still like her. :D

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