An Important Piece of News

We got the results of the matriculation examinations today.. I RECEIVED THREE LAUDATURS (it's the best grade)!!!!!!!! So, I got a laudatur in English, Swedish and French! Now you know that I'm flawless! Who will start reading my new blogs written in Swedish and French? JUST KIDDING! Of course I will keep making mistakes when I write. I really do not speak Swedish or French well, so this was a complete surprise. The moment was rather surreal.

Today we had a fun evening collecting bottles for deposits for a friend that doesn't exactly roll in money. One of my friends was kind enough to snap a photo of me and my outfit.

Everything from H&M except for the bow that was my mother's.

I warned you about my love for flowers.

And this is the most beautiful house in the world. I hate the ugly building behind it and have always wondered why it is there.


ina said...

Wow! Congrats! (And I would read your blog even if it was in Swedish. Or French for that matter). That's a really good result. And good looking shorts you're having.

Piia said...

Gratters! That's so great!

silvia said...

Congrats on your grades!!!! :D
I liked you in those shorts, look cute!


Ninni said...

Onneksi olkoon hyvistä arvosanoista! Milloin olet h&m.stä löytänyt noin kivoja vaatteita? Tuollaisen paidan minäkin voisin ottaa!

Roosa said...

Saatan olla ehkä hieman kateellinen tosta ranskan ällästä... Mutta paljon onnea, ihan sairaan hyvin meni sulla!
Toi talo on myös musta tositosi ihana :)

felicia said...

Grattis! Och vilka fina kläder. Min syster har ett par liknande shorts, fast hon köpte sina på zara. Och det måste vara ett av de finaste husen i världen, det vore fel att inte hålla med om det.

Harlow Darling said...

All of it is so beautiful, the sweet pink house looks like something a Moomin would live in, don't you think?

Love every bit of your outfit, especially that adorable big bow!


Ranna said...

It feels like such a long time since my own matriculation examinations, but I still remember how it felt to receive the scores. :)

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...


i love that house - especially the porch.

Stéphanie said...

You're lovely !

Cornelia said...

i love the house!!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Yay!! Congratulations :) You look so cute, and I want that house!!!

Leia said...

you are so cute, and congratulations :)

Anniina said...

Ina: Thank you! Hehe, maybe it's best if I stick to English!

Piia: Thanks! :-) I was really happy with them!

Silvia: I just had to get the shorts 'cause they are so cute. :)

Ninni: Ostin ne helmikuussa (paitsi kengät viime viikolla), mutta ainakin shortseja näkyi vielä vähän aikaa sitten. :)

Roosa: Voi, oisit kyllä ansainnut L:n ennemmin kuin minä. Enhän mä osaa ranskaa kuin ehkä C:n verran. :D Kaikki ne talot siinä lähellä on niin kauniita!

Felicia: Tack! Jag tycker att outfiten är ganska snygg. :--)

Harlow Darling: Thanks! Oh, definitely, that actually reminded me of the house Snork and Snork Maiden live in!

Ranna: Thank you! I was so excited, and all day I thought "I got an Eximia, I got an E, I got an E..." in order not to get depressed in case that had happened. :D

veronika, tick tock vintage: Thanks! So do I!

Stéphanie: Why, thanks! :-))

Cornelia: So do I, all the houses near that one are really beautiful!

Pretty Little Pictures: Thank you! :-) I want it, too!!

Leia: Hehe, thanks! :-) That's one of the photos of me that I can say I like!

Dsata said...

Bravo. Toutes mes félicitations ! ;-)

goldenmeans said...

Wonderful news -- congratulations!! And I love your sweet polka-dot outfit :)

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