London, Londres, Lontoo, Londra...

As you may guess by the title, I'm going to London! In June, actually! I'm so happy, because the last time I was in England was three years ago and I've missed England terribly!

I'm going there with my dear friend, who is like a little sister to me, and her mother (well, I consider her my friend, too). We've agreed that we don't want to make a busy schedule full of the most common tourist attractions. What we would like to do instead is go to pretty little cafés, have picnics in parks and stuff like that.
I want to see beautiful, and perhaps not so known places in London. What I also want to do is shop in vintage shops and thrift stores! I've been in London once, but all I saw was Big Ben. This time I'd like to see everything (almost)!

If you have any London tips, please share them! :-)

 Photos: Wikipedia and Old UK Photos.


Harlow Darling said...

Wow how exciting!

Well the best place to find good quality, amazing one of a kind vintage pieces and quirky and beautiful things in general is Carnaby street. They have lots and lots of brilliant little shops with such a fantastic range of vintage clothes and objects, however, I warn you now, it is pretty damn pricey! That said, you will probably still be able to find something cool for a bargain, and it's just a really cool place to look around in general.
Also the Portobello Road markets have antiques, vintage clothes and one of a kind pieces.
Hope this helps :)

Annabel said...

Oh, you should go to Colombia Road on a Sunday morning! There's a flower market but there are amazing shops as well. I've written some posts about the shops...:

Have a great time!

esme and the lane way said...

Ah, cool! How exciting! And I am of course a little jealous :) It's been so long since I moved from there, I don't have any tips that are up to date, but there is so much to see... x

miss-elaineous said...

I live in London Anniia! Let me know what you want to see or do and I'll try to make some recommendations :)

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