I had my graduation party yesterday. I'm not one of those who don't like family parties - on the contrary, I do like to see my relatives, and I really liked my party yesterday.

I made the dress myself, with my mum's help. The pattern dates back to 1957, it was in one of the sewing magazines I found. The only thing that's vintage in my outfit is the golden lyra on my student cap. It belonged to my great uncle, who was killed during World War II. He graduated in 1935. But, something scandalous happened during my party! Some guests from that side of the family came and told they had my great uncle's lyra with them! Whose lyra is on my student cap, then?! This is a mystery and we are greatly amused by it. :-D Detective work is going on!

I actually wanted a puffy hem, but we didn't have enough fabric. But I think the dress is okay!
One of the first two photos will be the photo of my Thank You Card for the guests, which one should it be?

The head master said that it's a tradition in our school to leave flowers on the soldiers' grave, so I left a rose for my great uncle.

Here's his graduation photo. :)

And this is my granny's graduation photo! She wore the same golden lyra that is supposedly my great uncle's, but as I told you, this is a complete mystery, because there's no one left to ask! :-D


Ninni said...

Tuo ensimmäinen kuva on kyllä niin vaikuttava! aivan upea. Suloinen mekko sulla ollut myös:) Onnittelut!

Chelsea said...

What a wonderful tradition! A mystery indeed about your great uncles lyra. Keep us posted on what you find out, if anything.
The dress is lovely. You did a great job!
Oh, and I like the first photo.

MarieBayArea said...

i love your old family photos. your uncle looked so handsome indeed. the photo with you leaving a rose at the grave is so sweet and touching. i love the whole nautical look of your grad outfit. so very cool that you made the dress yourself. nice!

Harlow Darling said...

Congratulations darling!
The photos of you by the light house really made me think of something out of an L.M Montgomery book, speaking of which, I just thought I must share this blog I love with you, a fellow Anne of Green Gables fan;


just incase you don't already know about this blog as I wouldn't want you to miss out on all of the Anne of Green Gables posts on it!

Lots of love

ina said...

You look stunning! Great dress! You're gonna be proud of your graduation pictures forever.
The mystery with the lyra could maybe also be reversed, so that your relatives had the "wrong" lyra and you the "right" one?

(11 years ago (!!!!) when I graduated we also left flowers on the soldiers' grave, guess it's a tradition in the whole country)

Ranna said...

These are lovely photos, by the way. The remind me of old Finnish movies (which I totally love). :)

Xavi said...

Congratulations for the graduation. Fantastic landcscapes and... dress of course :)

Eli said...

what an interesting and mysterious story! I hope you figure it out.

Congratulations on your graduation

Victoire said...

congratulations on graduating! I love the old photos of your grandma and your great uncle. its so interesting to contemplate what they were like back then :)


and flowers pick themselves said...

love the shoes!

xo Alison

Clara said...

lovely blog!!
amazing pics.

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