Now the four weeks of working have passed, and I'm on holiday! (Even though I might work every once in a while when needed.) But, anyway, my friend and I will leave for the Åland islands on Monday. I have never been there, so I guess it's high time. After that I'll go to Helsinki, so I won't be blogging for some time. That's why I'm making this post with some of my summer photos for you to view. :-) I hope you like them! Clicking on a photo will take you to my other flickr photostream.

A  Ladybird

Busy at work
Ma bicyclette


Harlow Darling said...

Absolutely beautiful, you are an amazing photographer! I hope my summer can be as magical as yours :D
Btw that picture of you in a field at sunset blew me away, it made me think of a still out of Marie Antoinette, such a beautiful photo!!!

elle s'ennuie said...

Beautiful photos, I especially love the first one with the lil ladybird :)
Have fun in Åland and Helsinki!

Kitten said...

Wow, you've really got an eye for photography, keep it up! :)

Dsata said...

A link for you :


(rainbow cupcake)

Matroskin said...

Tiesitkö tämän?


Constance said...

These are just lovely!x

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