Today my brother had his confirmation party. Or, actually not, because he's not Lutheran but Orthodox. But, anyway, we still have parties like those of the Lutherans.

I was wearing one of my two IVANAhelsinki dresses, of which I have shown you neither. They are both green. Isn't that strange? I never buy anything green. This one is from the Lonely Tiger collection. The shoes are from Primark and the bow headband is from Dorothy Perkins.

And here are the cupcakes I baked for the party. :-))


surfvintage said...

Yoo look so cute! and the pastel colours are delightful!

goldenmeans said...

I love the print on your dress! I would love to see the other one on the blog sometime :) And your cupcakes look scrumptious! I love the pearl adorned one especially :)

Harlow Darling said...

Darling you look like an etherial wood nyph, so so beautiful! The dress is just the lovliest shade of pale green and looks perfect with your coloring, and oh my god those shoes with the little bow!! Amazing :D

Anonymous said...

Aivan ihana mekko!!! Oh my, siis : ))))))))
Miksen oo nähny sitä aiemmmin sun päällä?
Plus, kuvat ja niiden taustat on upeat. Tykkään kukkasista ja punasesta tiilestä! Lisäksi nuo herkut houkuttelee.

hannah said...

i love the dress! it's not everyone who could pull that off. it reminds me of a big ruffly dress someone wore to the oscars last year..

Anniina said...

Surfvintage: Thank you. :-) I think so, too!

Goldenmeans: I will show it sometime. :-)

Harlow Darling: Aww, thank you!

Riina: Hihi, koska se on juhlamekko enkä oo käyttänyt sitä ennen!

Hannah: So do I! I've actually never watched the Oscars. :D

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