Hi guys! I'm back from my Finland tour. I've been trying to write this post for a few hours now and I don't know where to start. The photos will speak for themselves, and if I am able to clear my head I'll tell you what I've been doing.

So, in reversed order! On Monday my brother, one of my second cousins and I went to Suomenlinna. It's such a beautiful place! I mostly wore this dress when I was in Helsinki. It is selfmade, and has its faults, but I think it's perhaps the best of the dresses I have sewn.

Viapori (143)
Viapori (122)
Isn't this building beautiful? And the colour, oh.
Viapori (6)
And here is something very surprising! My bathing suit. It was such an ordeal to find a nice swimming suit that didn't cost like 100 dollars. I couldn't dive because of the lipstick! :-D
And then about Mariehamn. I know I have too much photos in this post, but I didn't want to make two posts because these photos don't deserve their own post. :-D

Unfortunately it was mainly grey and rainy there, but there was a little sunshine for us, too!

ÅlandMaikki and me in a medieval castle!
Ahvenamaa (92)
Peacocks are such gorgeous animals.

I have millions of photos of the houses of Mariehamn, but can you blame me?
Ahvenamaa (269)

"Du dansar som en gudinna!" is perhaps the biggest joke ever, considering that I was worried people would die at the sight of me when I was dragged onto the dance floor.


Q's Daydream said...

Gorgeous! You look lovely!

Harlow Darling said...

OH absolutely amazing blogpost!!! You should be a pin up model as I haven't seen anyone rock polka dots better than you, beautiful!

Martotopia said...

thank you!

OH MY I LOVE THE FIRST PHOTO! (You are SO beautiful!) You got a new reader!

Matroskin said...

Ihana mekko! Onneksi pallokankaita on nyt saatavilla, välillä niitä sai etsiä kissojen ja koirien kanssa.

Chelsea said...

What a polka dotted post. I love it! Looks like an amazing trip.

Jenny Olofsson said...

Beautiful pictures!

ASH said...

These photos are out of a dream! I adore your first outfit, the colors and the background go so well <3


goldenmeans said...

Anniina, you look *SO* pretty! I love this dress on you, and you accessorized it brilliantly :) And your pictures of Finland are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

your dress is so cute! and that bag!! I love how your bathing suit is also polka dotted ^.^

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