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Hello folks! One might think that the reason for not blogging is extreme rush, but the truth is quite the opposite... Summer is turning to autumn, everybody else is starting their studies and I lie on the sofa stressing about autumn clothing. In my opinion I always look shabby from September till May because I don't know how to dress. This year, however, I have found some items that will hopefully make autumn and winter easier to stand. (But I do have some 'problem clothing', I'll tell about that later!)

1. The mustard yellow cardigan. I am known to dislike yellow a great deal, but now I've fallen in love with mustard yellow. I think it makes every outfit interesting, even if the other pieces aren't so miraculous.
2. The grey trousers. I was really happy to find these in the flea market, they are so comfortable! I think they look slightly better with heels, but I was travelling so I didn't feel like wearing heels.
3. The brown brogues. Everyone needs a pair of brogues, right?

So, about the problem clothing! I don't know what to wear with these skirts, and I don't want to choose the easieast colour, black. And then the hat that I'm wearing in one of the photos above. I really love it, but I've tried all my outfits with a beret, too, and to me everything looks better with the beret. Maybe the bowler hat is too 'masculine' for me.

Last but definitely not least, I think it's time to fill you in on something. In the spring I told you about my plans, but they have seriously backfired (but the reason is actually happy, not sad!) So I had to come up with something else. I'll spend 9 months in France (near Paris!!!) as an au pair.  What makes me even happier is that a friend of mine will be there, too! I just hope both of us will have nice families and a great experience. :-)


ina said...

Ah, delicate problems. For me they are an excuse for shopping :)... Babypink goes with quite a lot (red, black, babyblue etc), but it gets of course easily this summerfeeling... The other skirt I think is more difficult, but a white cardigan could be okay. And good luck with France! That's so cool!

Rhia said...

I think that pink skirt of yours would look lovely with the white and red polkadot blouse you got. And bowler, that goes with anything, but I would combine it with the most feminine clothes possible, like 50's bellskirt or something.

Harlow Darling said...

LOVE that first photo, the colors are so amazing and I am very jealous of your mustard cardigan, how I have longed for one all winter long!
And, I do hope you keep blogging when you go to be an au pair (in France of all places, WOW!)Sounds so romantic and dreamy, I'm so excited for you :D

Roosa said...

Haha, ostin samanvärisen neuletakin just ennen lähtöä, siinä on tosin semmosta "pitsijuttua" kaula-aukossa, mutta muuten aika sama :DD Tuu jo tänne!!! Toivottavasti sulla on yhtä ihana perhe kun mulla! :))))

felicia said...

Åååh! Senapsgult! Du är så fin!

M. said...

so vintage so lovely.love the bow!

kajsa said...

Fantastiska färger Jag måste ha någonting senapsgult alldeles snart i min garderob. annars funkar inte den här hösten! nu är jag ännu mer peppad att hitta det. du är fantastiskt fin!

Anniina said...

Ina: Thanks, I really hope everything will go well there! Yes, but unfortunately I'm trying to avoid spending too much money.. :-)

Rhia: I actually thought about the same blouse! :-)

Harlow Darling: Hope you find yourself one! Don't be afraid, I won't stop! I just don't know how often I can post photos of my outfits, because I really hate using the tripod and don't want to force anybody to take the photos..

Roosa: Aa oon nähnyt sellasen, se oli nätti. :-) Voi hitsi, kuulostaa niin ihanalta!!

felicia: Tackar, det är du också!

M: Thank you, thank you! =)

kajsa: Tack så mycket! Hoppas att du hittar något senapsgult, den är ju en vacker färg!

Ines Hunt said...

i love berets aswell. during the winter i'm ALWAYS wearing a beret, even though i keep buying a million hats and i never use them.
i can only wear bowler hats with jeans, when I go for a less feminine look.

(yay for the mustard cardi! it looks GORGEOUS with the white collar in the first pic!)

ow btw, i have sent the letter! i'll send another one if you havnt got the first one (i bet it was the INCREDIBLY ANNOYING portuguese post office --') argh

Helen said...

my friend is going to spend 6 months as an au pair in brussels, i'll miss her lots! mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours.

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