Red, Pink and the Golden Hour

Lazy days, dressing in pink and red and the evening Sun are the best.
The Golden Hour


Harlow Darling said...

You look soooooo beautiful, I love the gorgeous lush forrest background and the sunbeams, lovely!
Pink and red is such a cool combination, I normally wear white and red but will try to give pink and red a go sometime too :D

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

You look so old fashion and glamorous!!

Chelsea said...

These pictures are so amazing! Love love love!

elle s'ennuie said...

Gorgeous pictures! The golden hour indeed makes for wonderful photography.

Eli said...

I think it looks pretty on you :)

I happened to look at your profile, and caught eye of your favorite films - one being Fanny and Alexander, I actually just finished watching it! my second time, I love that movie

ina said...

Lovely light you've captured. This summer I've also been into red and pink together, it looks great!

Andi B. Goode said...

The pictures are very pretty! I love backlit photos - all that glowing light. Lovely.
-Andi x

Rūta said...

great outfit. i love it more with just bow in your hair, but the hat looks great too. For quite a long time pink + red was a "no" combination to me, but this season I find so many great outfits with it and i'm really changing my mind.

Annuschka said...


Riikka said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Very beautiful.

PS. I left you a little award in my blog. :)

Anniina said...

Harlow Darling: Thank you! I love red and white, too. :-)

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures: Oh, thanks, that's nice of you!

Chelsea: Thank you so much!

elle s'ennuie: I like them too because of the light! :-)

Eli: Why, thanks! Oh, yes, it's one of my all time favourites, I just love it!

ina: Yes it does! =)

Andi B. Goode: Thanks! So do I, the light is indeed so lovely.

Rūta: I really love the bow myself! I've heard some people say they used to think so, too, but that they've changed their minds. =D

Annuschka: Thank you! :-)

Riikka: I'm glad that you think so! And thanks for the award!

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