Helsinki Vintage & My New Favourite Designer

I had a great weekend in Helsinki with many things to do! On Sunday I went to Helsinki Vintage for the first time. It was nice to meet some friends from Fintage, both old and new ones! Greetings to you all. :-)

Here's what I wore! The hat and the dress are both my grandmother's old, the handbag vintage from London, the cardigan by mum and the flats Minna Parikka, which were too big for my mum so she gave them to me. I only asked to borrow them for the event so it was a surprise she gave them to me!

The picture above was taken by the lovely Ina, thank you! 
I didn't end up buying any vintage, though. Instead I bought something from the lovely Mirkka Metsola. I actually wrote a blog post about her in the winter. I love the photos of her A/W 10/11 collection, even if you can't see the clothes properly. You can see "better" photos in her blog!

This is just a sidenote, but this photo (from Hel-Looks) is my main autumn inspiration. I saw the gorgeous piksi at Helsinki Vintage and loved her outfit so, but I didn't dare say anything to her. How I wish she still posted photos to flickr..
Well, this was a mess of a blog post, wasn't it.. I've caught the flu and my head's not working properly. Plus, I'm leaving for France on Saturday and I'm actually really sad about it. Of course it'll be really cool and fun there, but I just love my family and friends too much. :-( So, this is my last blog post in Finland! Next time I will show you France from my point of view!


kyborgi said...

It was nice to meet you too. I still don't understand how we started to talk and hang out like old friends? And how it is possible you got a flu, too? My sister was ill at sunday, so perhaps you can blame her... I should have been more careful.

Oh, that lovely blouse you're holding at the one picture! It is mine now, haha. Thank you so much!

It is sad we don't meet soon again, but you will have fun in France!

Oh, I can't write any short comments. Sorry.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I miss Piksi too, love your hat!!

Ninni said...

Aivan vallattoman ihana hattu ja sopii sulle niin hyvin!

menina raposa said...

just found your blog & i have to say that ia dore your style, very unique and original!
congrats on your blog!

Ranna said...

Voi hyvä jumala tuota Mirkka Metsolan keltaista rusettipaitaa! Minuun iski juuri akuutti tarve, jonka olemassaolosta en ollut aiemmin tietoinen.
Nyt pitäisi enää päättää alkaako säästää tuohon, Parikan Valentina-mekkoon vai TBA:n syyskokoelmaan. Hiton opiskelijabudjetti.

PuppyLovePrincess said...

love those dotsy tights :)

ina said...

Nice meeting you, too, Anniina! And once you get to France and your mind on the new things there everything will be just great, I'm sure :)

Maja said...

Wow, that hat is amazing! So beautiful, and the shoes are adorable - it can never go wrong with a pair of Minna Parikka, right? ;)

felicia said...

Vad fin du var! Och vad mycket inspiration! Din hårfärg är väldigt fin (på tal om hår som jag skrev om för ett tag sen), men du skulle säkert passa utmärkt i rött också! Krya på dig nu!

Stéphanie said...

Waaahhh !!!

Spence. said...

I love all the photos in this post (:
I went to Finland 5yrs ago, it's such a beautiful country!
Hope you're having fun in France

kajsa said...

Oh a friend of mine where at helsinki vintage with things from their store. She said it was a great couple of days.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

That hat! And your cardigan! You look adorable :)

Aksu said...

Toi ylin kuva on ihana! Noi värit menee tolleen harmoniassa ja sun silmät näyttää jotenki raikkailta.

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