Bonsoir! (I have an outfit post for you, yay!)

Today I had school, so I went to Paris. The mornings are cold now, but in the afternoon it's usually quite warm, so it's hard to decide what to wear. Here in France, in the land of strikes, there is again a strike, and I had to take a really early train, but on the contrary I had time to take some morning photos.

I really can't help loving all these beautiful buildings!
And then my shabby outfit photos! I only spent about a minute taking these because I was in a rush to get home, so forgive me the quality. Luckily I found a place where I could put my camera and the photos turned out to be acceptable. :-)
I wore one of my favourite jackets, it's thrifted but originally from H&M, and the beret I bought today (I had to get a red beret!), a skirt by me, Maxine bag and heart gloves by Minna Parikka.

And, finally, I'll tell you what's up. Unfortunately I can't say that this has been the best time of my life. The family is not a monster family, and au pairing itself isn't hard, but there are some things that bother me. I have intended to say something, but luckily when we talked yesterday the mother herself had realised a few things, and maybe I won't end up lonely and friendless, after all, because that's really what I thought would happen if things didn't change. I'm their first au pair, so I'm sure it's hard for them to know how to act and organise everything, too. But, honestly, I'm also a person and I need to have time for friends, too, and time to get out of the house every once in a while. Today I woke up depressed, and that is, if anything, really sad. But now that I have spent a good day it was so much nicer to come home (mind you, this place feels nothing like my real, beloved, dear home, but it's my home for the time being). Hopefully things will get better. :-) Now that I started writing there would be so much things to say, but I don't have time for that. I really must go to bed, because for the past three weeks I've been dead tired.

P.S. Ajattelin ruveta kirjoittamaan jotain pikkujuttuja myös suomeksi. Mun suomeni on aina ollut aivan surkeaa, mutta en halua sen huonontuvan entisestään, nykyään kun ei kauheasti tule suomea puhuttua. Erittäin huonoa huumoria tiedossa siis, lähinnä suunnattuna _Kunnon_ kavereille, Jumalaäidille, Hyeena-Bobille, Aksuraksulle ja muille kuomille (öö ja toivottavasti joku teistä lukee tätä, etten turhaan nolaa itseäni muiden suomenkielisten edessä..) Tietysti tässä on muillekin luettavaa, mutta jos tuntuu siltä että jotkut jutut ovat aivan käsittämättömiä ja huonointa juttua ikinä, se on sitä _kunnon_ läppää sit. P.P.S. Pierre-Pascalin etsintä jatkuu yhä!


gee said...

i love this outfit.
your skirt is the perfect length...and love the pops of red.
those buildings are absolulty beautiful..so very jealous.
get lots of rest!

Anonymous said...

Hihihi, voi hassu! _Kunnon_ juttuja kestää aina, niihin ei vaan voi kyllästyä <3

xoxo Karri Kunto

Riikka said...

The photos are stunning and the outfit beautiful. I really hope things will be better for you in your temporary home from now on and that you'll be able to make friends.

ina said...

You look great, I've wanted those gloves forever... Hopefully things will turn to the better soon. It's probably harder to be an au pair than to be abroad for example for studies, since a lot of things depend on other people than you. But if the mother of the family also had realised some things, then I'm sure you'll be able to turn this into a positive experience!

Ninni said...

Toivottavasti pian pääset nauttimaan täysillä Ranskakokemuksestasi! Onneksi olette jutelleet, toivottavasti se on muuttanut myös asioita pitkällä tähtäimellä. Oot tosi onnekas kun olet päässyt Ranskaan, toivottavasti saat kaiken mahdollisen irti ajastasi siellä.

goldenmeans said...

I can't imagine how tough being an Au Pair must be sometimes! I hope the family allows you to make time for yourself sometime. I am glad at least that you had some time to walk around and take these gorgeous pictures in Paris this morning :) Oh and the outfit, is as usual lovely! The red accents work so nicely against the black and gray palette!

Anna said...

Hej fina du! Nu är det såhär att jag söker massvis utav människor runt om i landet som gillar att skriva! Det handlar nämligen om ett projekt jag håller på med där jag vill att alla skall vara med och skapa en kärleksbok. En bok enbart om kärlek. En finfinfin bok fylld med kärleksnoveller helt enkelt från alla möjliga olika människor! Så om du tycker att det här låter intressant så får du hemskt gärna kolla in min blogg om projektet, tjoho ♥

Helen said...

paris looks so beautiful in these photos! my friend is currently an au pair in belgium and she is going to german classes (the family are german) and also attends an au pair meeting with other au pairs in the area. she also met lots of people living in the area online, they arrange pub crawls and quizzes and stuff, perhaps you could try finding a local meet up to make friends? i think the website was called meetup.com or something similar. it must be very hard being somewhere new alone, i hope it all gets better.

sueper said...

nice blog
love Paris, I have to come weekly for work, but never have the time to enjoy it really!

Maisonette said...

I've been yearning to go to Paris and this made it even worse!

Stéphanie said...

You're adorable in Paris !

Ines Hunt said...

i just recieved your letter! so instead of commenting on here, i'll reply =P

Lea said...

You finally got a pair of MP gloves! They look great! And your maxine is being really cute in those pictures. Hope you are still having a great time in Paris!

Kitten said...

Love the outfit, especially the skirt! :) Hope the situation has gotten better for you,being lonely is no fun when you don't want to be...Take care!!

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