Take Me Home

(I have another version of this photo, but unfortunately it's on the computer that's in Finland, so I can't show it to you. I took these photos with Miia in September!)

Today I had a nice day in Paris with Roosa and Laura. I'm too exhausted to write anything, but I'll try to cover that up with a couple of photos. And, I hope you will be patient with me not posting outfits very often, but I don't really have that much clothes with me.. Only about 1/5 of my wardrobe, anyhow.


Last, but not least, a boyfriend for Riina's dummy lady:


Kellie W. said...

Lovely pictures! I love the one of the stacks of books, so pretty!

Harlow Darling said...

Ohh but how is the au pair going? Is it really hard work? Or is it fun?

Ninni said...

Niin kauniita kuvia

ina said...

You seem to have a good time there!

felicia said...

Gud så vackert, älskar varenda bild! Hoppas du har det underbart där nere i Frankrike!

Rhia said...

Ihana päivänvarjo, ja pitsit ja kaikki =) kauniita esineitä ja kuvia.

Maja said...

And these are some lovely pics! :D Did you buy the charming boyfriend? How wonderful to be in Paris now, for how long are you staying?

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