I love:

- strangers who say "Bonjour" to you on the street
- funny little boys who wave at you when they leave the train
- friendly waiters and waitresses
- IKEA (I bought a very big box of gingerbread biscuits, they were so good!)


I don't like: 

- French winter
- Starbucks' prices
- creepy people who follow you and keep on insisting that you can't have anything better to do than have a coffee with them
- always being the one who asks somebody somewhere. Fortunately this doesn't happen often nor with many people, but it makes me feel bad and awkward and I really think they don't want to see me, and maybe it is so. But I'll keep waiting.


I have never done much street photography, but I guess when I go to Paris a couple of times in a week, I should really do it and try to get better.

A perfectly lovely song.


Kellie W. said...

I hate having to ask people to go places all the time, too. It's a real ego-killer when they never return the favor. :/

Harlow Darling said...

You know, I think you're amazing for being able to get on so well and fend for yourself in a foreign country where you're all alone, it's very inspirational. I just know that I would never have your strength to cope the way you have...
And wow about the creepy strangers, that would really scare me! Have you seen the film "Taken"? Please be careful Anniina :/
And I totally agree, Starbucks prices are awful wherever you go :(

Lots of love

Harriet said...

Gorgeous photos, I hate asking for directions too, I thought it was just supposed to be a man thing?!

minna ♥ said...

Ikea is the best :D And starbucks prices are ridiculous.
I'm so terribly sorry. I'm so late in replying to your letter! Everythings just been a bit wierd lately...
I promise that it will be on its way very shortly! I hope that the address I have is the right one. Do you think you could email it to me ( minnadreams(at)hotmail.co.uk )
Thank you <3

mckenzie. said...

Paris sounds like a dream-world, dear. I am a new follower, I love the blog and the pictures. xx

Rachel said...

Ikea is great. I know what you mean about asking people around and they don't follow through. It can be quite disheartening.

SandraC said...

Anniina! You take beautiful pictures and it is so nice reading about your life in France! Yes, I also like Fanny & Alexander, especially around christmas I like watching it. I wasn´t even thinking about that movie when I wrote the post, so now I know I have at least seen one Bergman-movie :) Hugs from cold cold Sweden!

Riina said...

Vallan mukavia kuveja! <3

Spence. said...

This is such a coincidence but the other day I was walking down the stairs in Cafe Nero and some random guy said 'Bonjour' to me, I was astonished! tehe.

not wendy said...

You are a terrific writer and photographer. Oh, take me to Paris!

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