It's Such A Wonderful Life

The weekend was rather sleepless, but otherwise really good! On Friday Roosa and I went to see Hurts. I had actually never heard of them before Roosa told me about the concert, but luckily I decided to go, because now I have found a new, good band to listen to. 
Friday night was rainy. The next time when I'll spend an entire night in Paris, outside, I will definitely wear wellies and remember to take my umbrella!
it HURTS 036
it HURTS 035
it HURTS 041
Photos above from Roosa's blog!
Saturday night..

.. and the morning after when I walked home from the train station of the neighbouring town. I found a lake last week, it's full of swans! I will have to go back there some time.


ina said...

Lovely pics...

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful photos! that lake looks so dreamy!

Stéphanie said...

Lovely pictures !

Roosa said...

Aaaa ei enää koskaan koko yötä ulkona jos sataa, kiitooos :DD Ja tietty lauantaina oli ihan hyvä ilma myös yöllä..... :)))) And I'm so glad you liked Hurts! =)

Harlow Darling said...

Sounds so wonderfully romantic...like something out of a film...I might have to put something like this in one of my films one day :D

Rhia said...

Wonderful life is playing here in the radio all the time. I haven't heard any other songs from Hurts. Love that song though. And the video is funny :)
Pretty photos you and Roosa got there!


Gorgeous pictures. Love!


Katrin mdmB said...

Oh, I love this song!!! Your photos are nice, especially the one with path and trees.

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