Paris Tips, 1

Long time, no see! Two weeks ago I left Finland for France. Unfortunately I can't say it's been the best start for a new year, but how could life be a misery when you've got.... Princess Crepe! I thought I'd start sharing my recommendations for Paris, and here comes the first one.

Some time ago I visited Le Marais for the first time with my friend Laura. We walked about, and she remembered she had to show me something. Well, at first I couldn't believe my eyes. I found myself in front of the funniest place I'd ever seen: the all girly, princessy and pink Princess Crepe. It was closed at the time, but we knew we would have to go there one day. Now we've made it a Tuesday Tradition, so every Tuesday after school we head to Le Marais, to the best creperie ever, which is kept by two(?) japanese women. They were so cute in their outfits, but I didn't dare take a photo.. Their prices are reasonable, and their menu even better! For instance, today I ate a crepe with Nutella, whipped cream and strawberries.. It's so funny to see people walking by, everybody stares inside very amused.

The background music is japanese pop!

I, of course, had to be properly dressed for the occasion - don't you think that my new, pink 60s dress was just the right one to wear? I bought it in Free 'P' Star, but that's already another story.

The prettiest umbrella stand if you ever saw one.
Sorry about the all wrinkly dress, but I'd been sitting all day!
Those teddybears, honestly..

The address of the Princess Crepe is

3, Rue des Écouffes, 75004 Paris

the nearest metro stations are Hôtel de Ville and St. Paul. It is open 13-19, except Mondays and Thursdays.


Harlow Darling said...

Oh wow what a kawaii little place, the idea of a nutella, whipped cream and strawberry crepe sounds mouth watering!
I love your little pink 60s dress, it fits in so well with the shops decore and looks so sweet on you, you wear it so perfectly!

Sorry to hear that your time in France is going not so well again, if you ever want someone to talk to because you've had a crappy day and want to pour your heart out to a kindrid spirit (this always makes me feel better when I'm angry or sad :p ) leave me a message and I'll give you my email and we can talk :)
Hope things start to get better soon,
Lots of love

Roosa said...

Tuppaudun niin joku tiistai tonne mukaan! :DD Mitä tosta oikein voi sanoa... ainakin se on pinkki... :DDD

ina said...

What a Barbie-place! :)
You look cute.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

You look adorable and so does that place, I have to remember this!

Miss Tami Lee said...

I need to go there! And your hair really makes me want to cut my bangs

Harlow Darling said...

My email is: miss_napalm@hotmail.com, email me when ever you want and I'll write back :)


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

How very japanese, how very cute!

Anniina said...

Thanks for your comments! Yes, it's really cute and everybody should go there!

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