Winter Winds

Snow, silence, solitude.
Three precious things I had been longing for. The only sounds I heard were the wind, and the silently falling snow.  For a moment I was free from my constantly haunting thoughts, of confusion and bewilderment, joy and uncertainty. I tend to lose my way and get lost in my head, surrounded by the same dreams and illusions that follow me through the day. The plain skill to stop thinking is what I lack. 
My thoughts are scattered and they're cloudy,
They have no borders, no boundaries.
They echo and they swell
From Tolstoy to Tinker Bell.
Down from Berkeley to Carmel. 

Yesterday, on the contrary, was one of those beautiful days when you are happy to be able to think, have conversations with yourself (the result of leaving your diary in the city) and inhale some fresh mountain air. I had to stop listening to music, otherwise I could not have fully enjoyed the overwhelming beauty around me. This is one of the landscapes you have to see and experience yourself. It makes me sad that I can't capture the beauty the same way with my camera that I see it in front of me.
In two days a train will take me through France, bypassing little villages with their churches and cottages, back to Paris. Lately I have become to notice that I enjoy being in Paris. It is slightly a shame, since I do not have a lot of time left there. Where did all the time go? I have not even visited half of the places I should have. I will surely miss a great many things once back in Finland, but, currently, there is one thing that I yearn for in Paris - waterscapes.

My mother once said that lakes are a part of her soul landscape, whereas my father prefers the sea. I am very impressed by the mountain landscapes in front of me, and I guess there are people that love cities and their landmarks more than anything else, but I, too, am drawn by water. Of course, in Paris, there is the Seine, but it simply does not come across with my soul landscape.

I also have to have space around me. I have to see the horizon, which, alas, hides itself behind the Parisian buildings too often. As much as I love big cities, they do not all give me the sensation of ultimate freedom and happiness, heavenly, even. It is a sensation that fills me up when I climb on a hill when the sun is about to set, but there is still enough light to see everything beneath you. The beautiness seduces and seizes you, leaving you thinking that everything is possible, just as it should be.

Please, tell me about the places that make you feel this way. I would be delighted.


Rebeccak said...

Your photos are like postcards - so epic!

I love the idea of a soul landscape... but I'm not so sure what mine would be? Probably more city than country - with old buildings with ornate facades. I love living by the sea, but I'm not sure I would miss it if I left?

ina said...

I need the sea, I don't want it to be more than a few kilometers if I'm staying somewhere for a very long time. That is of course because I've always lived less than 10 km from the sea. The only exception was when I lived in Vilnius and that was the only thing I didn't like about that city, I felt trapped, like I couldn't get away if I suddenly would have to. I know it's irrational, why would it be easier to escape that way now in the 21st century? Perhaps it's a primal instinct. A lake or a river can never give me the same feeling, even if they are better than no water at all.
Beautiful pictures and enjoy the time you have left in Paris!

Nic's Notebook said...

Lovely photos although I know what you mean about photos not quite matching what you see in front of you! I'm always having conversations with myself, maybe I should get a diary lol... I have yet to visit anywhere as beautiful as this. I grew up by the sea so I think that is where my heart will always lie x

elle s'ennuie said...

Like you and Ina, I too need the sea near, I feel - not trapped, but sort of suffocated when too far inland. Which is kind of absurd, because there is far more open space there than in town, even if the town is a seaside one. But it's a matter of feelings, not logic...

Enjoy your last two days of vacation - and the train ride back sounds so great to me, I love trains :)

claire (jazzpad.) said...

It's wonderful that you have this response to such a beautiful environment. It soothes the soul! One of my favourite places is a park about an hour's drive from where I live. It's full of pine trees taller than blocks of flats, and in the winter if you walk through quietly you can stumble across a herd of deer... it's a beautiful thing :) jazzy ♥

ramona said...

What a wonderful discussion here. To which environs do our hearts reside?
I think that as humans we have a strong sense of longing to reconnect with nature simply because we are part of it.

One of my favorite places to reconnect is; close to my home I can hike through the woodlands on a nice wide path that meanders down to at times a swiftly moving creek, a hop across takes me to the edge of the woods pathless and wild to an open field where I climb
up, up high upon a hill and have a rest and survey all that is below.
Lots of textures and variety this hike has. Thank you for this post:).

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