A good thing about Paris is that I never have to think what to wear. For example, I've only worn this hat once or twice before, because I feel that Finland is a country where everybody stares at you if you make the mistake of not wearing what everyone else is wearing. And a lot of stares have I gotten, there, with my vintage dresses. But now that I'm used to wearing what I really want, I'm not going to give up. Stare-free Finland 2011, here I come!
These trousers are my absolute favourite thing right now. I instantly fell in love with the colour and the cut. They are extremely comfortable, and just perfect.

One of the things that made my weekend was a Vappu (May Day) picnic in Buttes Chaumont, in (almost) Finnish company. I had made sima, a meadlike drink, with Marianne, because that's what we usually have for Vappu, and to our surprise it turned out good, even if it was the first time we made it!
vappupiknik (19)
I just love this photo of Roosa. And her sunglasses.vappupiknik (4)

I think this lopsided moustache is where we stop this time around. Have a nice week!


Harlow Darling said...

I love your trousers so much!
In Australia people are the same about what you wear. If you're not dressed like scum, you're "weird" so I sometimes feel pretty uncomfortable when I go out wearing something nice! It's even harder for boys to wear nice things because Australian men have this stupid belief that any guy that dresses nicely is "gay" and they can be really rude about it.

Anonymous said...

Nuo housut on aivan ihanat! Olet ihana! Haluan myös kesäksi tuollaisen hatun! Tuijottakoot peelot rauhassa, olet kaunis.
-Karri Kunto

minna said...

That is such a lovely outfit!
Also, I am going to write your letter this weekend (it's so late, I know, I'm sorry!), but I know you won't be in Paris that much longer - so I wondered if I should send it to Finland or not? xxx

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Ah, I love your outfit. Sometimes I feel like people here stare at me when I wear something out of the ordinary. That definitely sucks.

And, oh, I miss Paris. Studied abroad there and it was lovely. I wish I could go eat some cafe eclairs, my absolute favorites!

kyborgi said...

What a handsome man you are!

Just a joke. This outfit reminds me Annie Hall, one of my favourite movies.

I have never cared about starings.

In middle shcool, when teenagers were the most rudest, I just wanted to be what I am. Even that they not only stared but also pointed out at me and asked why I was wearing belt at waist. (Ah the golden age of low-cut jeans in the 2005!) But i did not care, and i hope you will find that way too.

Really, don't care about others - and quess what! If they stare and notice you (in a bad way), they don't remember you after an hour they've seen you. And, also, staring does not kill or even hurt you. Be brave.

ps. When are you going back to Finland?

Kellie W. said...

I was the same way back in high school- I never wore what I wanted, because I was afraid of people staring, so I just tried to dress like everyone else and blend in. But now I wear whatever I want, and it's so much more fun!
You look great, I love your hat and tote!

Georgina said...

I love your hat!

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