Home Sweet Home

I thought it was time to tell I'm still alive and breathing. I've been home for two weeks now and it's great. Life's getting back to normal - like, not really doing anything. I do miss some kind of activies, but I guess I should just enjoy not working because I'll most likely complain about it in July. But it is just a bit annoying being home when nobody else is around, and not having anything to do.

lalalaa 007
I haven't been feeling very creative with my blog lately, and I'm sorry for never posting new stuff. I promise I soon will. But since I've been wearing either the trousers from my last post or my vintage Levi's shorts, there's really not much to show. I've been home studying and studying and studying (and apparently in vain again, what a surprise), went to Helsinki and saw some great people, came back home and that's it. I'd love to take some photos, but I think I'll wait for the inspiration. In the meantime I'm just going to read different books in my bed in the middle of the night. Tonight I'll start John Irving's The Hotel New Hampshire. I also enjoy listening to Regina Spektor. What a lovely woman. I've come across many very attractive women lately, just a little sidenote. It's nice to see people with nice styles. Now good night, I think I'll be posting something in a few days again.


 The new blog header is by Sari, just as my owl tote bag. :) How do you like it?

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