Flower Dresses and Red Shoes.. And, US Tips Needed!

Yesterday (was my blog's 2nd anniversary, how strange!) I went to my brother's End of School Year Celebration, because he finished comprehensive school. Onnea, Aksu!

Afterwards we took some photos, here are the selected few of the good ones. There weren't that many of them, because we can't stop goofing around. :--)
Do you remember this café? In the photos above you can see it from the outside. I sent the owner a postcard from the Alps, and I'm really glad it made her happy. She's been showing it off to my brother and father, and I guess nearly everyone, because my dad told he had heard that the café owner and my old headmaster had had a conversation about me while I was in France, my headmaster saying "She won't come back now that she's there"! I find it so hilarious. Of course I'd come back!
And this is here because Akseli loves photos of me where I'm genuinely laughing. He made me go to this outhouse, I hope Mum doesn't find out because it was her dress that I was wearing..

Yesterday I also went on a one night boat trip with Akseli and Dad. We had this beautiful rainbow!

So, now. My brother Akseli, the Murhpys and I are going to the States next Friday! Yay! We are heading to Portland, OR, where Miia's father is from. If someone has tips for Portland, like vintage shops, flea markets, hairdressers or whatever (any good tattoo artists there?),  please share them with me! I would have loved to go to San Francisco or New York, too, but next time, hopefully.. I don't really realise this is actually coming true. We had been playing with the idea for so many years, never thinking we'd really do it, but now we're going! How incomprehensible.


Rachelous said...

You look gorgeous spinning in that dress! It looks made for doing that! :)

Kitten loves vintage said...

What a lovely dress, you look really pretty wearing it! Oh, wow, you get to go to the states?! I'm a little jealous now ;) Doesn't Solanah at http://vixenvintage.blogspot.com/
live in portland btw? Check her blog and I'm sure you'll find some tips for shops and stuff. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

Harlow Darling said...

Oh my goodness, you look a dream!!! Really, really love these photos, you are so stunning and look just like a pin up girl :D

Thank you for your comment on my blog, I agree, I think it's either blogger or photobucket that makes my pictures look weird because when I upload them I have to re-size them and they look really...bad after that! What do you use to upload your photos on to blogger?

Lots of Love,

Kellie W. said...

Have fun in Portland! I've never been there, but one of my friends lives nearby and she says the vintage shopping in town is amazing!

ina said...

Delicious dress!

Harlow Darling said...

Thank you so much for the advice on Flikr, I will definitely try to figure it out (I'm not very good with computer things :p)

Also, in case you're interested, I'm selling some of my clothes and have made a sales blog;

so if there's anything of mine you've ever admired I'm happy to sell it :) Oh and I'm more than willing to ship internationally!

Sabrina T. said...

darling your blog is soo cute..lovely post and lovely pics!!!:)
Would you come and follow mine if u like it??i'd be very happy and i'll do the same back..i wait u!
kiss from Milan!

Patchwork à Porter

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