USA, part II

Without further ado, the rest of my US photos! After Almira and Yakima we finally headed to Portland, OR, where we stayed most of our holiday.

I'll start with our trip to Cannon Beach, which was one of the two absolutely perfect days. I couldn't have been happier then! At first we had quite lousy weather, and just when we had finished packing up and meant to leave, the Sun started shining and we decided to stay. I didn't bring my beach suit thing for nothing! It's by Laura Ashley, got it from my hostmum.

cannon beach4
Can you tell me what's happening with my legs? They look so strange..
A Root beer bottle! I'm not a fan of Root beer, but I love the bottle.
cannon beach
cannon beach2
Here's Hunter, the kid who played frisbee with us, flying his cool kite. Actually, I flew a kite for the first time in my life this day. And swam in the Pacific Ocean, too!
We saw such neat stuff there, sea stars and everything!
cannon beach6
This was already our other beach trip, we went to Agate beach and visited Yaquina Head lighthouse.
yaquina head
And some seals! Just look at that smile.
The other perfect day was when we went hiking! And we hiked 7 miles, phew. I'm not sure about the names of these falls, but we drove the Historic Columbia River Highway and saw lots of falls there!



I loved these two days.

There would be so many things to tell! Well, first and foremost, Portland is the vintage city. Honestly. You will surely find almost anything you hope for! I found this great antique slot machine, but, alas, it would have cost me 350 bucks.. I couldn't quite afford it. I didn't take any photos of the city on our shopping day because we were dying of heat! But here's a snapshot Eila took when we went to Saturday Market. There was Portland Pride then and it made me smile! Well I guess I could show you some of the photos Eila took with her phone.
Hehee, Miia and me in our new t-shirts! And the cake I baked!
angry birds
(We played Angry Birds all the time.)
The magnificent sand castle city!

I just can't wait to get back to this country.

One of my current favourite songs (and my ringtone). Pure love.


Riikka said...

The beauty of these photos is breathtaking, unreal. Absolutely gorgeous!

Piia said...

Gosh, your trip sounds utterly perfect! I wish I'll be abel to tour in US at some point too. :) And that Laura Ashley romper is gorgeus, btw.

Emma Robertson said...

I adore your jumper in the first photographs, so lovely!


Curls n' Rouge said...

oh I love your pictures and that outfit is so adorable!!! I love it

Dial V for Vintage said...

Beautiful photos! The waterfalls and the nature look so amazing. I hope to go there too someday! :)

Kitten loves vintage said...

Amazing photos, simply amazing! Glad you had such a good trip :)

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