I've been kind of lost with my photography lately. My mind is full of ideas, but then again, I see so many photos every day that I'm beginning to question their authenticity. Are they really mine? I think I need a complete break from seeing other people's photos, then I could perhaps create something of my own. 

Bare with me.

(I love the flare. I only need to get some real photos, now.)

Why on earth haven't I listened to Rubik earlier? They're brilliant.

Rubik - Laws of gravity


Sara C. said...

Uao! I love these pictures. The effect of sun rays is beyond words
Have a nice day
Sara C.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

These photos are gorgeous, love the first one especially! I know what you mean about being saturated with images, maybe some time out will help you refocus? xx

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful photos! Love the flare! And your lips! Purrrrdy

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