La France et ses merveilles

A year ago I moved to France. I have very contradictory thoughts about my time there. For some reason I've had an urge to listen more to French music, to watch French movies and so on. I especially miss talking in French! I do not miss France, though. Not the least, or that's what I tell myself. Honestly speaking it's the crappy host family I do not miss a bit. But I still crave for a happy experience there. One day I'm going to get it. I'm gonna live in one of those (less) fancy apartments in the 5th or 18th arrondissement, visit Shakespeare & Company every day if I want to, or drink wine au bord de la Seine.

Here's a huge bunch of pictures I haven't shown before.
Aamu (21)

notre dame
Notre Dame. I never climbed up the dome and I really want to do that.
avec marianne (11)
My way too girly outfit one fine spring day.

avec marianne (8) 

One of the few really snowy days in Paris.
The Alps.
Louvre (29)
Louvre (11)
Le Louvre.
I laughed so hard when I first saw this one. Lara turned around and then there was a giant bubble attacking.
creme brulee
And the day we turned into rascals. There's a funny story about that espresso cup, but I don't know if I dare tell it. Well, it kinda might have possibly gotten stolen. Not by me though! But I was an accomplice.

That's my France for you.

Here's a song by a French artist that I love. At least I think he's French because of his name. He's not very famous or well known, but I do think he should be. Just listen to this beautiful song and you'll know why. It's the man I stumbled upon at the metro station that one winter day.
   Tipsy Toes (EP) by Sea-Legs


Roosa said...

aaa haluan takas pariisiin päivä päivältä enemmän! vaikka on tampereellakin ihan mukavaa kyllä. mutta, haluan haluan haluan takas ranskaan!!! nyt. heti. ja hyvä toi biisi muuten! ja superkivoja kuvia myös, lemppari varmaan toi eka! :) ja haha meitsin takapuoli siellä myös :DD pitäis käyttää tota laukkua useemmin, hmm missäköhän se on...

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

SO beautiful. x hivenn

kyborgi said...
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kyborgi said...

OOH. Lovely pics! I am going to Paris soon to see my brother. Just less than a month!

Maybe you should have a student exchange to Paris for a year, just choose your studies according to that change! :D

Magical Day Dream said...

Woahhhh that soap bubble!!!! I want to make big ones like that!



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