Autumn Best

My favourite things this autumn:

- finding pretty, red clothes. A velvet 50s frock, can one ask for more? Oh, and I also have a red cloche hat. C'est parfait !
- re-discovering System Of A Down
- reading The Little Prince. I've never ever read it before, and I now have my own copy of it in French
- going to the forest and picking mushrooms with Mum
- the song Laws of Gravity by Rubik
- lying under the starry sky with your friend. I saw four shooting stars, but my friend didn't believe me because he didn't see any!
This was written inside the copy of The Little Prince that I bought in a used-book store. In English it says, 'I adore you and I will never forget you'. That is why I find it incredibly sad that the book was in the shop in the first place, even if the reasons of the person this book was given to could be entirely innocent, or they could have died or something. But I keep seeing a contemptuous individual who just gave the book haughtily away. Let's not think that way.
- the phonetics course I took proved quite [ɪntrɛstɪŋ]. (For your information, I'm not sure if that's the one and only way to spell it phonetically, but I checked it, just to be sure.)
- watching Downton Abbey
- friends that give you their coats when you're cold

Please tell me what has made you happy this autumn.

The National - Baby We'll Be Fine


Roosa said...

oi munkin pitäis lukea pikku prinssi ranskaksi! mut tekee erityisen onnelliseksi se, että osaan tehdä hyvää porkkanakakkua ja että porukoilla ollessa voi vaan katsella telkkarista kaikkea turhaa ja täällä on hullusti ruokaa :DDD tampereella kaapissa on kaurahiutaleita ja porkkanoita..... :D

Miss Meadows said...

Who doesn't want a red dress?!! It's lovely, and come to think of it - I don't HAVE a red dress! Need to do something about that some day...That note you found in the book is so lovely. It just shows that it probably was a very cherished item in someones bookshelf once. And it's even more perfect that those lovely words were written in french... :)

Anonymous said...

parasta on lämpimät juomat. oli sitten kyseessä glögi, kahvi, tee tai kaakao, kaikki käy! ja hyvät kirjat tottahan toki

Dsata said...

Ah, le Petit Prince d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry !

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