Turku I

The best of last weekend:

- seeing Rubik live
- visiting friends in Turku

I came home from Turku wearing this braid my friend Maikki made. I just couldn't undo it so I could wear it today as well.
And today's version, sorry about the crappy webcam photo:
I wish I knew how to do this braid myself.


AngeliqueDama said...

Love the hair!:D
I'm your follower:P You've got such a nice blog:)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So pretty. x hivenn

Anonymous said...

eikä miten ihana kampaus! osaispa itekin letittää kivasti, tai olisipa edes käteviä kavereita :D

Pagan Baby said...

Cute braid, really hard job to do it, she's an artist!

Anniina said...

AngeliqueDama: Thanks and thanks, that nice to hear! :-)

Jazzy E (Hivenn): I think so, too! I want to learn to do it myself..

Aboutddd: Niinpä! Oon niin huono kampaustentekijä että olis kiva jos olisi oma hovikampaaja...

Pagan Baby: Yes, I think so too! I wouldn't quite succeed..

Rebeccak said...

That braid is amazing!!! I would want to keep it forever too!

You're looking lovely - I hope the confusing-ness of life is of the fun and exciting variety :)

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