I've been quite a lazy blogger, mostly due to the fact that I never wake up before 1 p.m. and that it gets dark real soon after that, and because I wander about in my pyjamas at least till 4 p.m. Then it's already quite hopeless to get any decent photos. But I promise there'll be something next weekend or so.

Actually, I wanted to ask you something. I haven't done those traditional blog posts such as a question & answer post or a video post, so is there something you'd like to ask me, or do you want to see me blabber about something stupid? Just fire away, I'd like to do something different. Suggestions, please!

ihana kuva
Source unknown.


Laura said...

Paris/France or other travelogues!
Your style is so lovely, maybe more peeks into your closet?
Maybe more posts about your daily life? Your studies, plans, favourite books?

sacramento said...

I have been missing your fabulous pics.
have a wonderful Christmas, and just relax

Miss Meadows said...

What a lovely photo! You can just see how much in love they are! The romantic in me sighs... :) xx

Fiona Timantti said...


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